The hanoi summit and the arms race

The hanoi summit and the betting trusts

Donald trump and kim jong-un at the summit in hanoi. Photo: executive office of the president of the united states

Donald trump wants an economic miracle for global investors, not north koreans – a guest commentary

The sudden cancellation of the joint declaration on 28. February at the end of the trump-kim summit in hanoi, vietnam, i experienced as one of the most complex and contradictory historical events i recall. Of course, the impromptu short meeting of donald trump and mike pompeo immediately after the summit was in no way complex. It was a banal show for the media, which had avoided talking about anything beyond the mere proceedings of the summit.

Works council considers bmw layoffs possible

Works council considers bmw customer service to be possible

Bmw works council head manfred schoch no longer rules out layoffs for operational reasons. A works agreement guarantees every employee his or her job "as long as the company doesn’t make a loss," schoch said in a works council podcast for employees. That applies today and tomorrow, but: "how it looks at the end of the year, no one knows today yet."

The situation is serious, sales were allowed to fall drastically in the current quarter. If there were to be job cuts at bmw, they would have to be based on social agreements, schoch emphasized. The works council will also agree on this with the company.

5000 employees leave bmw annually

Bmw expects a loss in the current quarter, but a profit for the year as a whole. The car and motorcycle manufacturer is massively cutting its investments and also reducing jobs by not filling vacant positions. Every year, around 5,000 employees leave the company, half of them retire. Bmw currently employs approximately 90,000 people in germany.000 employees.

Before switching off by amazon: allegedly 70 tb to data from parler

The social network parler, especially in the right and right-wing extremes, which has now been taken from amazon by the network, apparently rejected several serious security. Internet activists archived according to own information in a coordinated action about 70 tb from posts, videos and pictures, including geodata, from the platform. According to the events at the capitol in washington, parler was in the focus of fierce criticism.

According to a hacktvist and security researcher represented on twitter as @donk_enby, it was possible to create bulky verified accounts on parler. Likewise, the paver api could be viewed which existing accounts on administration and moderation rights. If these accounts have been activated the function for backing the password, the password could be changed directly because twilio did not send any verification mails and the old password was not needed.

Positive data tapped

This facilitated reading and saving urls, which provided the content delivery network publicly accessible content, such as posts, videos and pictures. To automate the download of the data, the activists created a docker container, over which the contents were downloaded behind the urls and were archived withdrawing. The hackers are that they have tackled only public data. Observers have already pointed out that many users had published about contact details.

Running spab instead of car traffic

The climate discussion is urgently needed in the sense of "not" and "(ab)". Traffic is guided to the large levers where you can start to quickly and effectively reduce the co2 outstall. You just have to want and everyone can do something very personal at any time.

That our crucial politicians, especially the youthful fortress, have a problem with this "wanting" is obvious. We should not all be influenced by their concern for workplace electoral votes. Even coarse parts of the industry have changed under the impression of the fact that. Time for a very individual road to cars with cars with hot supply drive? Maybe already spat, but right now with pleasure:

Some reader comments on my last appeal suggest that i did not get enough of it. I would like to apologize and bring more clarity with my re-entering the topic "joy driving".

Ex-monopolist sky: in the zwickmuhle between dazn and netflix co

Ex-monopolist SKY: in the Zwickmuhle between Dazn and Netflix & Amp; CO

The competition comes from several directions. The german pay-tv pioneer sky has for several years with new forms of competition. On the one hand, especially with the sports streaming service dazn active since 2016. And on the other hand with a growing number of international film and serial providers such as netflix, amazon prime, disney + and apple tv+.

Sports and series

Now the pay-tv channels become known with fubball is the achievement of what is referred to as a liberation in sports. In addition to the purchase of the survivious bundesliga rights on monday, sky was also the acquisition of formula 1 rights as well as the production of significantly more series. In the next three years, the number of "sky originals" increased up to eight per quarter.

The last in the defensive underfohring companies calls this one "new, rough program offensive" and rose about rough words: this will "return television in germany and sky drove to a new ara". In other words, sky relies on a double strategy from sports and series in the fight for the customer and against the competition.

After cyber attack on ema: e-mail correspondence to corona vaccines

After cyber attack on EMA: e-mail correspondence to corona vaccines

In december 2020, the european drug authority had informed ema that partly sensitive data were tapped in the course of a successful attack on their network. Among other things, documents of the pharmaceutical companies have found pfizer and biontech, which were related to the application of the two companies at the inclusion of their vaccine against the corona virus.

Last week, the ema now announced in an update to the cyber attack that some of the copied documents – internal, confidential e-mail correspondence from november 2020 – apparently published on the internet. In front of the leak, the attackers had also manipulated the data in a manner, "which could undermine confidence in vaccines". Pfizer and biontech does not explicitly call the ema in the update. However, she writes that the lactic e-mail correspondence was related to the evaluation process of corona vaccines.

Further information on the leak and the intended manipulation of the information can not be found in the message of the ema. The authority emphasizes very impressive that the urgency to make vaccines to eu burgers as soon as possible, not an impact on the high quality standards and the course of the supply process: "despite this urgency, there has always been consensus across the eu not to compromise the high-quality standards and to base any recommendation on the strength of the scientific evidence (…), and nothing else."

Ibm study: average costs per data span slightly dropped

IBM study: Average costs per data span slightly dropped

For the first time, the global costs of so-called data breaches have fallen slightly, a recent study of ibm security. The average cost amounted to $ 3.86 million per data span in 2019, 1.5 percent lower than the year before. As the causes of cost reduction, the study accounts for the security automation and improved data view by the privacy policy (dsgvo).

Accordingly, according to ibm, the gap between companies, which use automated security mechanisms and those who do without: for the latter were data spans with six million us dollars more than twice as expensive as companies using, for example, artificial intelligence or machine learning. Automation leads to the fact that companies are more faster in case of safety breaches and they can scare – the time savings is 74 days according to study.

High security automation degree in germany

German companies react most quickly to data spans, as they are leading according to the study in security automation. Already 75 percent use such systems at least partially. So equipped companies need 160 days to respond to data breakes, while in the global comparison are about 280 days. Overall, companies will succeed in this country to lock the forelament within one month. If more than 200 days are required, the one with one million us dollars is more likely to be booked than faults that are resolved in less than 200 days.

Tegel airport: clarity on contaminated sites after closure

Tegel airport: clarity on contaminated sites after closure

Despite far-reaching plans for the tegel airport area, it is not clear to what extent the ground is contaminated with pollutants. It also remains to be seen whether there are still dormant deposits underground. "Statements on soil contamination can only be made once the site has been put into operation and is freely accessible for investigations," finance secretary jens spahn (cdu) responded to a question from the fdp in the bundestag.

Fdp member of parliament christoph meyer said of spahn’s rearances: "this shows that on the federal and senate sides they don’t know exactly what costs the state will still have to bear. This is completely a black box for all of us."The fdp has been campaigning for years not to close tegel. It is clear to everyone that after decades of flight operations, considerable ground pollution is to be expected, meyer said.

The explosive ordnance has been removed from parts of the site so that aircraft can take off and land safely. According to the paper, however, it is not yet possible to say whether the flat is also suitable for apartments. Tegel airport is to close when the new capital airport in schonefeld comes on stream. As things stand at present, this is planned for october 2020. The 460-hectare site in tegel will then be home to a research and business park and apartments.



Stavanger, 23. July 2015 – the vw california, a minimal camper with a haul on the basis of the new transporter t6 is fully in the trend of the fascination of the mobile vacation. We wanted to know if you have to spare your entire savings in the high-quality equipment variants coast and ocean, or if you can spend with the easier mobled entry-level beach beautiful holiday season.

For the normal european stows, the two liters of rough engine is completely sufficient. The 250 nm strong aggregate brings its strength via a pleasantly switchable, manual funggash gear to the front roller. That it "only" funf gange offers, while a rather wide spread barely offers, because the engine fails overhead speed elastic. The larger speed lounge between the gangen stews thereby.

Travel instead of lawn

Only steep climbs can be found that empty weight is already at 2250 kilograms. As a rule, you spend your camping holiday then to several and never without luggage – there is something together. The sprint time of 17.9 seconds is therefore almost so secure as the specified consumption of 6.3 liters perhaps 100 kilometers and nowhere, maybe in germany, one came to the question of whether a highest speed of 157 kilometers per hour is sufficient. But with a california, it is always more about the travel as a race experience. The twisted diesel with 102 hp in which 43 thus.542 euros expensive equipment beach is enough for every normal user. If you want more, you can have: the only all-wheeller on offer with 204 diesel ps smooth the double performance. That even with the good driving services offered there is a sure driving vessel, we can confirm. The brakes are soothing steadfast, chassis and steering almost knife sharp – for a bus.

Starter kits for usb keyboard controller

Starter Kits for USB Keyboard Controller

The approximately 34 euros expensive kit kw100eval (left in the picture) is an 8 × 8 cm coarse breakout board for the keywarrior100 with mini usb socket, 8 status leds and a rgb led. All signals for connecting self-made matrix keyboards are guided on double-row pads in the 2.54 mm raster. 40 lines are reserved for the key matrix (24 lines × 16 columns), thus can be queried up to 384 keys.

There are still 16 universal i / os, analogue input to the simulation of a mouse over potentiometer, transducer or analog joysticks and even pwm and dac expansion for the output of quasi-analog voltages. The rgb led is connected to the pwm outputs, which can be separated from printed circuit board jumper when the signals are to be used otherwise. Since the kw100 logs in as a normal human interface device (hid) on the computer, no driver is needed to control; libraries for popular programming languages (c, delphi) are available for download. For the configuration, code mercenaries offers a free tool with which all settings and keyboard data can be customized.

Available soon is the kw28eval, with the smaller keyboards (for example, for arcade machines) can be realized. Conveniently, 20 cherry-mx buttons can be selected directly on the board. The usb chip keywarrior 28 supports matrix keyboards in the grid 8 × 8, which allows keyboards with up to 64 buttons. As with the kw100, you can define keyboard macros that play a key sequence when they are pressed. The chip is already available on a compact breakout board (17.50 euros), the board with the cherry buttons is in preparation.