Division: trump wants to force sale of tiktok

Division: Trump wants to force sale of Tiktok

Us prasident donald trump makes serious: with a new frosting against tiktok he seems to force the sale of the us business of the popular chinese video app. With the fraction, which should grab 45 days, trump prohibits us burgers, "businesses" with bytedance, the owner of the app to make. The app job "threat" national security, banned it in the influence published on thursday evening. The app collect large amounts of user data and kone it the communist party china mam to spy out americans, strolled it.

Trumf had been reprinting on a sale of the us business to an american company. With the fraction he seems to force this: if the adoption should not be explained by a court for non-unfolded, tiktok in the us was no longer available in 45 days. In addition, the prasident also went against the chinese app wechat. The procedure marked a new escalation level in the tense relationships with china.

Microsoft deal

Microsoft brought itself to the massive political prere from the sowing house to take the us business of the video app to take over. The company wants to negotiate a deal with the private chinese ownership until mid-september. The tikok operation in canada, australia and new zealand should also be part of the agreement, explained microsoft in a blog entry in the night of monday. Europe was not mentioned. Microsoft wants to ensure that all personal data from us burgers transfer to the usa and were only collected there.

The woman’s house quoted reports, after which the app in the us had already been downloaded 175 million times. Should a us company take toktok’s oriented business, the app was allowed to have a future there, especially since the fraction did not stand against tiktok itself, but against the chinese property.

Data for china

Tktok records rapid growth and is a long way as the hottest rough platform for young people. The international video platform has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. You can upload your own clips or view videos from other. The social network facebook tries to keep instagram with the short video format reels at his photo platform.

From the sowing house won it, tktok "automatically collects rough amounts of data from its users", including geodata and search history. These data could allow china to spine or stress employees of the federal or service provider, striking it.

Tiktok property bytedance has been sitting for some time to separate its international platform from the chinese version. Taktok insured, china’s government has no access to user data and have never demanded this. The data of us users were stored and processed in the us anyway, threw it. In china itself, there is only the censored version of the app, douyin.

Expensive tktok

How much microsoft had to pay for toktok, is so far unclear. But it was allowed to go to a double-digit billion amount. However, the frosting of the sowing house sets bytedance under prere. In the us, tiktok has at own data 100 million users and thus an exceptional attractive overall goal. Microsoft was able to emerge from the political scramble around the app as a laughing third party – the software concerture has no own comparable social media business so far.

With the tikok deal, the windows giant became a strike to a relevant competitor of facebook – but was also a new problem in the house for the group. So facebook has to make tremendous and expensive efforts to filter hate messages, hitting and other political content from the platform.

Comment against wechat

In a further magnification verbat trump us burgers also, managed with the chinese social media app wechat or whose power. The prohibition will also come into force from grounds of national security in 45 days, threw it.

The fraction could lead to a ban on the app in the usa. The app operated by tencent holdings is extremely popular in china – but probably limited in the usa. The app offers users the services of a social network, messenger services and a payment service.

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