Driver’s escalation will cause damage from 50 euros

Even small accident damage like a broken dub mirror can have a nightplay in court if the polluter makes unauthorized dust. "From a property damage in the amount of 50 euros, the criminal offense of the driver escape is filled", explores volker lempp, traffic rights expert at the auto club europa (ace). Then threaten a fine or in severe falling up to three years imprisonment. For property damage under 50 euros, a cursee driver does not make it punishable, so lempp. But he must expect 35 euros bub money when he is still caught later.

If, for example, a motorist damages a parked car, he is obliged according to the criminal code to wait at the accident site on the vehicle owner. Is no time, advice lempp to call the police. If the causer leaves only its contact data at the demolished car, this can be designed as a driver’s flight, emphasizes the ace traffic rightlist. To clamp a note behind the windscreen wiper, are not enough.

One reason that the ie of driver escape is currently being promoted, is that the public prosecutor’s office hannover is currently being determined against the designated new fdp general secretar patrick doring for potential driver escape. In the middle of november he should have damaged in hanover with his private car the visual mirror of another vehicle, but then continued to continue.

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