Driving report: volvo s40 1.6d drive with new start – stop system

Driving report: volvo s40 1.6d drive with new start - stop system

Stockholm (sweden), 30. June 2009 – for some time now volvo rides on the green wave and offers under the label "drive" summit savings versions of different models. The drive versions of c30, s40 and v50 have now donated the sweden a start-stop automatic, which should continue to play the thirst of the vehicles. For the mid-range sedan s40, sweden promise such average consumption of 3.9 liters and a co2 outskout of 104 grams per kilometer. We were able to try in sweden, as sparingly the new technology is actually.

Improved aerodynamics

From aufen the s40 drive start / stop can be seen in some subtle changes. In favor of a better aerodynamics, the body was slightly lower, add-on spoilers on front and rear and a boiler grill cover should minimize the air resistance. Serial mabig has the s40 drive tire with lower rolling resistance, optionally conservationally aerodynamically optimized alloy wheels.

0.6 liters less than without start / stop

Further measures, which are intended to face low consumption, are amendments on engine management, a changed gearbox and the use of lightweight. By using the start-stop automatic, volvos lets you reduce fuel consumption in the case of our s40 by around 0.6 liters of diesel to 100 kilometers. The system works similarly to the competition: if the vehicle comes to standing and the driver puts the idle and domes the engine, the engine automatically turns off. If the clutch pedal occurs afterwards, the engine starts again.

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