Fake or real: police are looking for experts for social media research

Fake or real: Police are looking for experts for social media research

The police in nrw seek social media experts who research information on facebook, twitter or instagram – to support the colleagues in action. For example, the policemen could be supplied with current photos of missing persons or internet videos are spotted when there is a coarse layer like an amooker. The ministry of the interior enforced on dpa request that now corresponding "monitoring and communication center" (gmkc) set up.

First of all, according to the ministry, the kriminalpettings bielefeld, dortmund, dusseldorf, essen, koln and munster each should receive a gmkc. An expansion to other services is not excluded in positive experiences. The places are currently advertised – sought civilians, so-called governmental experts.

A gross research fundus for the police

Background is the research project "sentinel" the german university of police, where, among other things, the prasidium involved in dortmund. The thesis, according to the researchers: "social media combine huge data about photos, videos, information and news in a medium." a gross research fundus for the police. "Also special information on orientation, such as access situations, backouts, escape routes or tree decreases, can be the results of the information recovery", so the criminal researchers.

This so-called "open source intelligence" (osint), an information network from free sources, is becoming more and more important for the police. "With a variety of applications of the seashore service, such as.B. Search layers, social security violence, strain crime etc. Can be obtained by using osint operational information that can contribute to a better protection of the deployment force and the population as well as more professional task ruling", so the head behind the pilot project, which was ran in 2018 and 2019 – and was recorded as success.

Procurement of real-time information

Therefore, the six crime heads in nrw now get several osint experts. Your tasks, according to tendering: "media observation as well as procurement of real-time information to support a wide variety of applications" or "verification of the information obtained (z.B. Fake news, credibility of the data)".

A spokesman of the ministry of interior said the dpa: "the aim is to extend the competence in osint research through the use of expert governmental divorce and relieve policy officers of search activities."

Prerequisite is a completed study or training as a tender "information broker" or social media manager. Also computer scientists are searched. Basic salary: around 3400 euros.

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