Geneva: morgan shows the electric roadster plus e

Geneva: morgan shows the electric roadster plus e

Geneva, 7. Mar 2012 – the tesla roadster is defunct and the electric car hype is taking a pause – never mind, electric sports cars will continue to have their appeal, perhaps even more so. Morgan, for example, is presenting an electrified version of its classic plus roadster in geneva. The fun gearbox is particularly original, because it’s not really needed. But it doesn’t hurt either: "we wanted to know how much fun you could have in an electric sports car, so we built one without further ado to find out", says morgan’s chief technology officer steve morris. "The plus e combines traditional looks with high-tech construction and a drivetrain that delivers plenty of torque spontaneously at any speed."

Zero speed

The plus e is based on a slightly modified morgan platform. In terms of appearance, it resembles the bmw v8-powered plus 8, which will also be shown in geneva. Instead of a v8, the "e" is powered by a zytek electric motor that produces a harmless 70 kw (95 hp) but delivers a rich 300 nm of torque to the transmission. The plus e weighs "dry" (mean those without power?) 1250 kilograms, accelerates to 100 km in six seconds. In addition, the technical data show a range of 193 kilometers and co2 emissions of 0.0 g "at tailpipe" from.

The sube middle

But why did the brits install a fun gearbox in the first place?? Zytek chief executive neil heslington comments: "a multi-speed transmission allows the electric motor to run more often in its sweet spot. Less energy is needed, especially at high speeds." in addition, the short gear ratio in the lower gears makes driving more fun for sporty drivers. Two or at best three gears are currently being discussed among developers as a sensible solution for an electric car, because the torque behavior of an electric motor does not require more gears. But in the morgan plus e, the "conventional" the conventional funfgang gearbox was probably also installed because it is there and can be easily accommodated in the transmission tunnel together with the electric motor. The clutch was also kept, with an unusual side effect: you need it for shifting, but not for starting, the electric motor doesn’t care.

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