Helmut newton: sex and landscapes – us and them

The museum for photography in berlin represents the collections again "us and them" and "sex and landscapes" from helmut newton and alice springs. Helmut newton had selected these images originally selected for the open exhibition in 2004 themselves. Due to his tragic accident death, unfortunately he could not affect the opening of the museum dedicated to him. For the ten-year jubilee room, the choice of june newton fell back to the same pictures.

The helmut newton foundation in the museum for photography

Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes - US and Them

The museum for photography

the museum for photography at jenbenstrabe in berlin has been pictures of the helmut newton foundation since 2004.

The museum for photography is located directly at the train station zoo. The imposing building from 1909 was built in origionary militar purposes, it was a casino for the officers of the empire. This is still evidenced by the emperor wilhelm ii dedicated inscription to the front of the building. After two lost world wars, the house turned into the possession of the berlin senate and is used for exhibition purposes. The location directly at zoo station was committed to helmut newton with special memories. At this station he had to say goodbye in 1938 on the flight in front of the nazis of his parents.

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