Hyundai i30cw with 1.6-liter diesel on test

Hyundai i30cw with 1.6-liter diesel on test

Dubrovnik (croatia), 2. April 2008 – in the compact class, there are now a number of suppliers. No wonder, after all, this vehicle segment is the most popular in germany. This makes the relatively small number of station wagons offered in the golf class all the more surprising – one or the other manufacturer is probably afraid that a compact loadmaster will give rise to internal competition for larger models. From the chevrolet nubira wagon to the vw golf variant, there are just nine compact station wagon models in germany. So far, there has not been a hyundai among them. This is changing with the i30cw, the counterpart to the largely identical cee’d sporty wagon from sister company kia. We tested the newcomer with the 116-hp 1.6-liter diesel for you.

Plenty of space in the rear, less in the trunk

The station wagon is 23 centimeters longer than the sedan and measures just under 4.50 meters. The proportions are similar to those of the golf. Unlike the wolfsburg, hyundai’s compact station wagon also has a longer wheelbase – albeit only by five centimeters. As a result, there is a little more space in the station wagon for passengers and luggage. In terms of knee and headroom in the cheap seats, the i30cw is fully satisfactory. However, the trunk is not very coarse: it holds 415 to 1395 liters and thus offers about 100 liters less than the vw golf variant, which transports 505 to 1495 liters. Even more cargo space is offered by the skoda octavia combi with 580 to 1620 liters. The i30cw’s loading sill is 61 centimeters high, which is about the middle of the road. It is somewhat disturbing that you do not find a completely flat load floor after folding down the back seats: only the backrests, but not the seat cushions, can be folded down. The area around the back seats rises slightly. But there is no loading threshold that could interfere with the unloading of heavy objects. Also the hatch opens sufficiently far upwards.

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