Ina kurt “top seven forgotten news 2020”

Ina kurt'top seven der vergessenen nachrichten 2020'

Once a year, the initiative nachrichtenaufklarung (ina) publishes e.V. In cooperation with the news department of deutschlandfunk, calls for a list of the "forgotten news"

The first place in the ranking of forgotten news is taken by the topic "lack of specialist training in infectious diseases". Although the topic of infectious diseases is on everyone’s lips because of the corona virus, the public is not aware that there is no corresponding specialist training in germany. In many other countries such an education is standard for a long time. Experts also think that germany is lagging behind in this respect.

In 2nd place is "europe 2020", a failed program of the european union to fight poverty in europe. In the european union, more than 20 percent of the population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. However, eu burgers have not benefited from the economic recovery of recent years to the extent that they have "europe 2020" intended framework. Especially when it comes to the topic of poverty, it is important that the media look and report much more closely, as those affected are dependent on social support.

The third place of the forgotten news was taken by the topic of "lack of ethics in the food industry – horse blood for pork". A hormone extracted from the blood of horses is used in pig fattening to economically optimize the cycle of sows and the coarseness of their litters. It is a torment for both horses and pigs. For the ina jury, this is an example of the widespread lack of ethics in the food industry, especially in animal husbandry.

Other topics include: sexism as a custom, private security as a police substitute, predictive policing and the invisible international exploitation of domestic workers.

The news turnover is as rough and fast as never before. Nevertheless, important topics do not or only insufficiently reach the public. The initiative news enlightenment (ina) wants to remind us of this with its list of forgotten news stories.

On 08. In may 2020, the ina, together with the newsroom of deutschlandfunk and the bonn-rhein-seig university of applied sciences, will host the 6th ina news conference. Kolner forum for journalism criticism and is also awarding the gunter wallraff prize for journalism criticism for the sixth time. Wallraff is an honorary member of the ina.

Ina is a non-governmental organization that aims to bring ies and stories that have been neglected by the media into the public eye. "We ask everyone who is concerned about a topic that has been neglected by the media to take the initiative and send it to us via our website as a topic suggestion. This commitment is important for our work", appeals to marlene nunnendorf, spokeswoman of the ina.

Anyone and everyone has the opportunity to submit topic proposals to the ina. These topics are then researched by student research teams at various universities across the country. A jury of journalists and academics votes once a year on these suggested topics and selects the top ten forgotten news stories. The ina is modeled on its american partner organization project censored.

Prof. Dr. Hektor haarkotter is professor of communication science with a focus on political communication at the bonn-rhein-sieg university of applied sciences and ina executive director.

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