Model for growth markets: renault symbol (thalia)

Model for growth markets: renault symbol (thalia)

Paris (france), 18. August 2008 – premiere is only on the moscow motor show (26. August to 7. September 2008), but in advance shows renault first pictures of a new stage retention model. Depending on the sales market, the french want to market the car either under the name symbol or thalia.

Front similar to the sandero

The symbol is about 25 centimeters long with 4.26 meters than the current clio iii. The high falls with 1.43 meters but some centimeters lower. The front with the black grill and the chrome strip between the luminaires pulled around the corners is reminiscent of the dacia sandero. Looking at the page, the coarse windows fall. The stern has the brand-typical horizontal kink in the sheet – but at unusual place, between the lights.

Chassis of clio ii

The symbol has the same cycle deposition as the clio ii, which continues to be in germany as a clio campus in germany. The car should be offered with different gasoline and diesel engines. With which, the german press department on demand has not yet announced. Also, the question of whether it is a clio ii with a stepheck remained unanswered. But to germany, the vehicle will not come. It should especially appeal to families in central and eastern europe, also providing customers in russia, turkey and the maghreb countries, this is especially the morocco, tunisia and algeria

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