New performance: hyundai i30

Offenbach am main, 7. September 2016 – a good friend of mine is in automotive respects to a clever fantasticity that is alien to me and, for regreting my family and me, will probably remain foreign. With a car purchase, things like design, engine power or chassis qualitats play a subordinate role. He simply seeks his automotive livestock partners to things like reliability, space and price. I once recommended him a hyundai i30 as a station wagon. He followed the advice and was happy.

Hyundai is well hazy with such buyers in the youngest past – and they also with hyundai. Of long warranties and certainty, she has seldom to be able to take advantage of, both sides benefit. So with such a reputation, do not live badly, but many manufacturers marbles business consultants sometime quiet "premium" in the ear and the echo is mostly violent. What does not wound further, after an image change in this direction lures a higher return. Hyundai introduces the third i30 on the paris motor show, which should be more than a pragmatic companion. Threatens a change here?

Rather inconspicuous

This question can not be answered by the first pictures and the relevant facts that hyundai before the fair in paris already betrayed, do not answer. Visually, he is ahead of the kia cee’d, in the area of the rear lights a little the vw golf 6. Whether this mixture has succeeded, everyone wants to decide. In any case, the designers were not too research, the third i30 seems rather inconspicuous, which fits well on his previous, above-described essence.

Wishlist: assistant

The trunk is 17 liters of gross with 395 now – a difference that will probably hardly notice in everyday life. The course ratios were allowed to agree those who offer the current model. Although the i30 is not classful, but in the upper midfield in its segment. From his transaction, the next i30 should settle mainly through new assistants. That may quite astonishment, because hyundai himself emphasizes to have the "needs of his customers sensitively evaluated". We spontaneously did not suspect that an armada of electronic driving aids was at the top of the wish list of previous i30 builders. Who likes, can artistic, among other things, spacing, tracking and dead angle assistant or cross-traffic warning orders.

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