Node-red 2.0 says goodbye to old node.js versions

The milestone release node-red 2.0 has appeared. The development tool for low code programming popular in the iot area has some new features in the luggage. In addition, the tool throws old ballast, because alter node.Js versions are no longer usable. The prerequisite is node now.Js 12.17.X or high. New features are available in node-red 2.0 among other things for the runtime, the editor and the debugging.

Runtime and editor

Node-red offers in version 2.0 optional support for monaco, the code editor behind visual studio code. This should contribute to improved editing, for example, the function node. However, the ace editor remains the same as standard. To enable the monaco editor, add a code editor section in the editormen area properties:

editorum: {codeeditor: {lib: "monaco" }},

In the runtime, the new command line option node-red admin init helps generate a settings file to start with a suitable environment. For this purpose, a number of questions about the configuration of the node red environment, which affects the security, project workflows, the editor and nodes. In addition, the standard fabric settings file was restructured, which should help to better overview.

Flow debugger and flow linter

With node-red 2.0 are two new plug-in appeared to improve debugging. The first is a flow debugger that allows the setting of breakpoints on node ports and, however, should behave on the flow level – as a common code debugger.

The second plug-in named nrint is a flow linter. He can point to potential problems in the code when any nodes that are not connected to the http response nodes contain http. The model is the javascript linter eslint, which can also be integrated.

Future plan

Through the comprehensive changes in node-red 2.0 how to get away from the support for alter node.Js versions has deleted its release – originally it was scheduled for april 2021. It is also the first major release since version 1.0. In the future, however, the node red team plans to return to a regular release cycle that needs to be developed. The next plan maby release should node-red 2.1 in spade october 2021.

A blog entry shows the most important innovations in node-red 2.0. Detailed information can be found in the release notes on github.

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