Process start in trier: never dailate giant procedure at the cyber bunker


This monday was at the 1. Gross youth chamber of the landgericht trier the process against the wireholders of the darknet data centrum cyberbunker, which was a year ago. Four netherlands, three germans and a bulgarian is accused, as operator of this so-called bulletproof hoster almost 250.000 offenses with mimic. The process is the first of this kind in german punishment, where the operators of a hosting service for the crimes of their customers are concerned.

The prosecutor accuses the defendant the formation of a criminal association that existed only for the purpose of benefiting from the criminal offenses of other criminals. The defendant threatens theoretically a high-end penalty of 15 years of prison, two of them were full or partially adolescent at the time of the acts and can therefore count on a milder judgment.

Mammoth process on the moselle

The mammoth process on the moselle is scheduled with two negotiation days per week until the end of 2021. A tremendous period of time, which could be explored after the skill of the crimes to be examined to be examined. The prosecutor’s office raises the defendant a total of seven crime complexes. So they had the four underground marketplaces cannabis road, wall street market, fraudsters and flightsvamp 2.0 hosted. In addition, according to prosecutor, they have three trading pace operated for experimental, synthetic drugs from china. Furthermore, they are accused of hosting a link list of 6500 websites in the gate network, over the drugs, counterfeit money, murdering, weapons and child pornography were traded.

Finally, the cyber bunker data center of the defendants in the rhineland-palatinate traben-trarbach also housed the six command-and-control servers of the botnetzes mirai, about a million speedport router of deutsche telekom at a misspelled attack on the german telekom in november 2016, crash were brought. The defendants had activated help the mirai attack convicted by mirai attack, as whose cc server addresses were blocked by anti-spam providers. In this case, they had tried to sell the botnet operator of premium services to keep his bots further functional.

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