Semiconductor wettrusts: sudkorea invests 370 billion euros

Semiconductor Wettrusts: Sudkorea invests 370 billion euros

Sudkorea participates in the global bettrust of the semiconductor industry. Together with local companies such as samsung and sk hynix, the government has worked out a discipline, which provides investments of 510 trillion won, surrounded around 370 billion euros.

The budget will provide more than 150 sudkorean semiconductor companies, which in turn receive significant tax reliefs as an incentive. This reports the two intelligence services nikkei asia and bloomberg calling on mortal sources.

An increase in the investment budget from converted 104 billion to 125 billion euros samsung had already been explored. Now it is clear that the whole thing is believed to build a plan sudkorea, sadly from seoul a modern semiconductor bacon.

New semiconductor works, more research

Samsung is the world’s second gross chip posture fitter behind tsmc from taiwan. Both currently produce semiconductor elements with structural widths of 5 nanometers, such as samsung’s own smartphone processor exynos 2100, qualcomms snapdragon 888 and apple’s m1-cpu. With the 125 billion euros samsung, among other things, build a new semiconductor plant, which should produce 5-nm chips until the end of next year, and expand the storage division.

Sk hynix is after samsung of the second grave manufacturer of sdram blocks, for example for ddr4 modules. Both companies also produce nand-flash for ssds. By 2030, sk hynix wants to invest around 200 billion euros in its own semiconductor manufacturing and will not expansion in the market for logic chips such as processors. The latter are more complicated to produce, which is why only a few contract manufacturers develop appropriate processes.

Worldwide bettrust

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how dependently the world is from the semiconductor industry. To start the own positions, governments worldwide invest huge billions for the expansion of local chip paving. The eu wants to demand the industry in the coming years with more than 100 billion euros – intel is a possible partner. In the us, intel, tsmc and samsung build new production lines after government efforts.

In taiwan tsmc stops the spending on: 2020 it was about 14 billion euros, 2021 it should be 23 billion euros. China pumps millions of billions in local chipparting, but it has to rebuild it from scratch.

Nikkei asia meanwhile, the japanese government also reports to the local semiconductor industry via eur 1.5 billion. Japan is an important supplier of production materials such as photolacies and silicon wafers. Inspection companies such as renesas, in particular, build integrated power management circuits (pmics), for example for cars.

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