Spain’s thrifty middle class

Spain's thrifty middle class

Morfelden, 8. September 2009 – at seat, the impression sometimes arises that the spanish volkswagen subsidiary is being kept a little shorter than the group sisters. For example, no model with 1.Order 4 tsi and 125 ps in conjunction with the 7-speed dsg, a combination that enables pleasantly low fuel consumption with conventional means. And for the compact leon and altea there is only one cr diesel so far – of all things, the 2nd.0 tdi with 170 hp, which overwhelms the budget of many typical seat customers. After all, seat is showing three modern economy diesel engines at the iaa, which are technically on a par with the geschwis­tern from vw and audi. The new ecomotive versions from leon, altea and altes xl only need between 3.8 and 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. The ver­thank a start-stop system­system, electrical system recuperation and the new 1.6 tdi.

1.6 liter tdi

The 105 ps strong 1.6-liter common rail diesel finally loses the grumpy and lastly very tight-looking 1.9 from. It was allowed to have a considerable share in the significantly reduced consumption, quite apart from the fact that it naturally complies with euro 5 and will probably provide significantly more noise comfort. With emissions of 99 g / km co2 for the leon and 119 g / km for the altea and altea xl kombi, these vehicles are also among the most economical in their segment. Compared to the previous 1.9 tdi (pump nozzle) with 105 ps, seat achieved a reduction in emissions of 20 g / km.

Start-stop saves fuel

One of the most important innovations of the three new ecomotive models is the start-stop system, which enables significantly lower fuel consumption, especially in city traffic. When the driver stops in front of a red light, he engages neutral and takes his foot off the clutch – the engine then switches off. As soon as the clutch is operated again, the engine starts again and the journey can be continued.

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