The gentle giant

Berchtesgaden, 23. February 2016 – apparently the customer can happen to the customer’s character-strong premium alternatives a little better than their favorite brand of asian investors is bought up. For how to see the examples of jaguar and volvo, the supposed demise leads to the fact that the character heads and enthusiasts in the development departments finally can build the cars that they imagine. Passing the times when they had to deliver from cost-bearing heavy heart b-solutions. The new edition of the volvo xc90 is a proof of how cooperative and understanding the chinese giant group geely deals with its swedish daughter. It has come out one of the coherent volvos for a long time.

This-year volvo winter test days are all about the new edition of the xc90 available in germany since the summer of 2015. If he was presented in 2002 to his youth time of the best-selling volvo in germany, he was almost unnecessary in the program, that he was the smaller and more modern sister model xc60 2008 immediately the show steel. For the honorary rescue of the "old" middle class suv, however, is that the compact xc60 is the most successful volvo of all time, which he also in 2015 with about 159.000 sold units confirmed. The xc90 also has a very good start with 7200 orders in 2015 and clearly exerted the expectations of volvo.

The wait was worth it

The successor to the first xc90 was expected so long that at some point had been given up, seriously counting with him. But how it looks, the wait was worth it. Already pure, the art of art has succeeded in combining a huge block to car with emphasis of austere design language and get an elegant-untrained vehicle. The xc90 thus remains the only full-size suv, which can be impressively impressed before the montessori kindergarten. Especially since he also pursues the total relaxation.

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