According to russian intelligence, forest fires in southern europe are al-qaida attacks

Intelligence agencies and terrorists cultivate conspiracy theories and mutually believe in the power of their respective opponents

In May, the last online magazine of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was published ("They have the drones, we have Sharia law"). As always, the open source jihad was preached there, i.e. people in the western countries were called upon to fight the unbelievers through terrorist attacks that cost the lives of as many people as possible or cause as much damage as possible. As an example, it was suggested that arson in forests, when it is dry and the wind is blowing properly, is a good idea to cause as much damage as possible. In the end, all it took was a cigarette.

forest fires in southern europe alleged to be al-qaeda attacks, according to russian intelligence agency

From Inspire magazine

The Russian secret service FSB was apparently impressed by this. There is no evidence of this, but FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov on Wednesday blamed al-Qaida for the fires in southern Europe. This is part of the strategy, "a thousand stabs" against the West in order to weaken it. And he took over what he must have read in Inspire: "This method allows al-Qaeda to cause significant economic and moral damage without having to make gross preparations or financial expenditures".

The head of the secret service then also referred to instructions to draw a "Forest Jihad" that had been discovered on websites and in forums of extremists. This, however, did not require an intelligence agency to adopt propaganda sight unseen in order to cook its own soup. To justify why the perpetrators had not been caught, he said, the security agencies had "minimal chances" to catch the arsonists.

At least environmental groups such as Greenpeace rejected the allegations. Ivan Blokov of the Russian section said he did not believe the forest fires were caused by terrorist activities. In fact, there is no evidence for this, but AQAP will now be able to boast that at least the Russian secret service has identified it as the perpetrator. Nikolai Shmatkov of WWF believes that the fires were caused by human error or carelessness. carelessness.

The Islamists from the North Caucasus, of course, see it the other way around, because they follow a similar simplistic view or think they can make propaganda that way. Fur sie ist der FSP eine kriminelle Organisation, der selbst fur die Brande verantwortlich ist, die er aber nun al-Qaida in die Schuhe schieben will. Terrorists and intelligence agencies live in the conspiracy world because they are an essential part of it.

forest fires in southern europe alleged to be al-qaeda attacks, according to russian intelligence service

From Inspire Magazine

The FSB has been focusing on the activities of terrorists from the North Caucasus republics, who are active not only in Russia, but also in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as in Syria. This in turn strengthens the Russian position, which supports the Assad regime and considers the rebels like this rather than Islamist terrorists. And he warned that al-Qaida was infiltrating governments, especially in the Saharan-Sahelian zone and the Horn of Africa.