Apple pays many millions for music film

Apple has secured the rights to a music document for a high amount of money. "Billie eilish: the world’s a little blurry" the iphone group will cost a total of $ 25 million, report specialized media. The contract is now in dry traffickers and apple has placed on youtube also an envision video. The fans of the 18-year sanger singer must wait for the documentation on their lives, however, still wait a while: the eilish strip will see only in february 2021 at apple tv +.

Renowned director

In parallel, there should also be a cinema evaluation – especially to give the doku opportunities on renowned film prices, which usually require a light-catching. Director of "the world’s a little blurry" ("the world is a bit blurry") becomes r. J. Cutler, the various known doco like "the war was room" about the election campaign of bill clinton or "the september ie" about the "vogue"-magazine and his editor-in-chief anna wintour has produced.

Not the first expensive documentary

According to the first information on the film, it should go in the eilish-doku for the time after publication of your grammy-excellent debutalbum in 2019. Even private insights into the family life of the 18-year-old are supposed to see. Apple had previously set millions of dollars in dokus from the music area. These then landed at the music streaming offer apple music – such a documentary for taylor swift’s tour and "songwriter" with ed sheeran.

Apple makes the bags on

The eilish documentary could be worthwhile despite the high price for apple, as it is possible to generate new subscriptions for apple tv +. The group should also with the expensive world war strip "greyhound" with tom cruise, for the $ 70 million have been paid, have generated a thrust with the interested parties. The levels of content at the 5 euro expensive service is still far lower than netflix. Apple does not call apple traditionally.

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