Automotive industry: data also for independent workshops

Hesse’s car dealers and repair shops want to get their hands on their customers’ car data. It would be an alarm signal for the trade and service if the manufacturers set up direct data interfaces to their customers, said the president of the automotive trade in hesse, jurgen karpinski, in frankfurt on tuesday. It is necessary to talk with manufacturers about future data sharing.

More and more digitized cars send operating data to manufacturers. With prior approval from the customer, the repair shops only need data relevant to the vehicle, such as upcoming inspections or impending damage, explained karpinski. On this basis, it would be possible to target customers and offer them better services. The information should also be accessible to independent repair shops via interfaces.

The association continues to take a critical view of efforts by the insurance industry to interpose itself between the customer and the workshop at an early stage in the claims settlement process. Vice-president michael kraft warned consumers not to let their insurance company estimate their damage via app. In such a procedure, speed would be at the expense of reasonableness, and in case of doubt, customers would have to pay for any damage that occurred later on.

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