Borscht against sausage

The victory of the austrian bearded drag queen conchita wurst at the eurovision song contest reverberates badly in eastern europe

In poland, on the one hand, people are angry, because they had hoped that the performances of the buxom folklore girls of donatan and cleo, previously a youtube hit, would win the first prize. The rapper donatan, who warns at the beginning of the clip not to watch it should you not understand irony as well as suffer from humorlessness, also warned before the weekend a little humorless as well as "conservative in values" before the election of the austrian candidate:

When our healthy girls perform, we are accused of sexism. But if a woman with a beard appears, everything is ok. Europe, everything is ok? Slavic girls against sausage. Europe, you have the choice.


With this, he anticipated the right-wingers in poland’s cue for the european elections. Jaroslaw kaczynski, expremier, whose party "law and justice" (pis) leads in the polls for the european elections, sees europe in a phase of decadence. With sausage ware "europe on the road to destruction". His party, however, will lead europe away from its wrong way.

His spokesman adam hofman thinks he sees the eyes of prime minister donald tusk in the eyes of the bartigen, which means that the prime minister and party leader of the conservative-liberal burger platform (po) also wants to drive poland into the abyss.

Also in the most popular talk show in the country "tomasz li’s life" it was about the sausage and a lesbian parchen. And how open is the country on the vistula?.

The question and the arger of the right has a somewhat longer tradition – since 2011 a transsexual, anna grodzka, has been elected to the sejm in poland. She is a member of the party "your movement", who specifically challenges the traditional clerical poland.

In ukraine, it is the separatists in the east who are calling the bartige "the spectre of europe" describe. Vladimir zhirionvsky, the enfant terrible of russian politics, the darling of the talk shows and the mouthpiece for words too daring for kremlin officials, raged gleefully through a round of interviews on the state broadcaster rossiya 1: "now europe is at the end." he got laughter and applause. There would soon be no "they" and "er" more, only "it".

But russia is not to be spared either, as wurst has already announced his intention to visit the country. That is why witali w. Milonov, a leading politician of the putin party "united russia", asked the russian minister of culture vladimir medina to ban the drag queen from entering the country in order to protect russia from pernicious influences. Deputy prime minister dmitry rogozin warned on twitter "annexer of the european integration". In europe in the future "bearded girls" must expect.

A little more subtle is the way things are done in lithuania. There, the television journalist ignas krupavicius pulled out a razor blade during the uberubertragung with the offer to wurst to get rid of the beard. Now he is asked by the lithuanian gay representation to apologize.

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