Companies that do not observe the limits of growth, get corona

Companies that do not observe the limits of growth, get corona

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What we need is one "New enrollment": A clearing of the classic clearing. comment

"The limits of growth" Fitted a nerve of time in 1972. The book "The limits of growth. Report of the Club of Rome to the situation of humanity" was bought ten million times in the year of appearance.

To date, it should be 30 million. Now the actual limits of growth are largely achieved. A society that does not pay attention to these boundaries gets Corona.

Gandhi has suspected that we only learn from history that we do not learn anything. But we can no longer afford that in the atomic age and in the age of climate heat, unless we want to take the end of our civilization myself in hand. We really want that? Or we still create the rough transformation? How is a human-friendly democracy as well as sustainable economies?

Church representatives emphasize that Corona "No penalty of God" Be, but very likely the logical consequence of our action in the last 50 years. If too many people leave their with-kill, the animals and plants, too little room, then the nature reminds us of the limits of growth.

The well-meant motto for a better future can not be long "The human being", but: "The focus of life". And that means a new interdependence between man and nature: more tires instead of grow. Development instead of growth.

Corona as a wake-up call

I understand Corona as a wake-up call, finally the natural "Limits of growth" to note. If the EU is now one "Green New Deal" If the German Federal Government and the US government and the US government wants to achieve the same purpose by 2050 and the Chinese government the same goal by 2060, then the first once shows that boundaries are generally and finally recognized. After all, the beginning of a farewell from the old boundlessness.

At least theoretically. Of course, these new ones are "Limits of growth" For a long time not sufficient for a sustainable economy. But a direction change. There are always alternatives.

Politics, science and journalism must take care of the truth and reality: so say what is and what can be. Also over the limits of growth. We still live in Ol-Inch, who should be past after the prognosis of the Club of Rome.

But that’s also 2022 our location:

• Melt the glaciers, • the riches are widening, • the storm damage increases, • worldwide, Walder, • Animal and plant species die faster than ever in the last 65 million years, • methane is released. • We drove a third World War against nature and thus against us. Because we are part of nature. • 1.5 billion people have no access to clean drinking water. • Daily starving about 20.000 people.

What do we learn from the Corona crisis for the rescue of the planet and thus for peace with nature?

To overwind the Corona crisis, 20 of the 30 richest countries of the world have launched economic programs. You should boost the economy, create jobs, but also provide climate protection. The confidently helps amount to 15 trillion dollars, that’s 15.000 billion.

But until 1. February 2021 is the Lowenant part of the funds in sectors invested in the environment and the climate rather harm, only 40 percent of the sum invested is considered "green" to watch. That has the "Green Stimulus Index" the strategy consulting "Vivid Economics" calculated. Only the wradies of the new US government and the "Green New Deal" The EU sees the "Green Stimulus Index" as a hopeless sign.

This development shows that the farewell is only succeeded by the old economic growth groby, if politics, economics and consumers learn an ocological ethics. The technique alone or the prevailing financial system will not save us.

A global energy system, which is 100% powered by clean, renewable energy, is not only possible in the next 10-15 years, it can also save money, creating work and prosperity, save lives and give humanity a lead to one to prevent control of climate change. It is oconomically, socially, geopolitical and okologically impensed when we took the time to 2050.

Finance capitalism as monster economy

The world is mastered today of a few billionars. This financial capitalism is degenerated to a monster economy. That called by scientists so "Anthropozan" is in truth a capitalozan.

The 21. Century, however, became a century of cooperatives, peace, renewable energies and coarse justice in which the common good plays a central role. A typical German idea from the 19. Century (Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen and Herman Schulze-Delitzsch).

Worldwide, one billion people are already organized in cooperatives. There are always alternatives!

All problems created by humans are also soluble by people. Prerequisite is a payroll by technology and ethics. This is the new clearance: a clearing of the classic enclosure. You will receive a new and fresh dynamics through the Corona crisis.

A better world is not only possible, it is in the emergence

Of course, we need an OKO spirituality. Our material resources are limited, here are the "Limits of growth", But the ideas of our spirit are not. To the "Limits of growth" to realize, we need thinkers, the dreams and dreams that think.

A society that has lost the orientation needs new role models and a new sense of values. To loose today’s crises, we need a new moral compass.

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