Development board at stihl: motorsagen instead of mercedes

Development board at Stihl: Motorsagen instead of Mercedes

When anke kleinscht should meet the most important decision in her professional life, the world was still fine with her employer. At that time, at the beginning of 2019, corona alone was a mexican beer variety and daimler recovered again record values in sales and sales. The star beamed bright over stuttgart.

Anke kleinenschmit was conditional for the digitization of auto production. A final function for the future of the automotive engineer and a for the further career of the engineer. Small, feinwerktechnik has studied, today the subject of mechatronics is called. Following daimler, in 1992, she rose as a calculation engineer, changed into development and was director in group research in its penultimate station. In almost 30 years she had brought it far and an end to her ascent was not foreseeable.

And then came the headhunter

She was successful, her employer was successful – in this time placed a headhunter with a job offer. He was not the first in recent years, others had tried to get them from. "So far i had never embarked on a conversation", says small. This time.

The small smits come from lower saxony. The opa headed a forestry experimental institute in the north of germany, the father studied maschinenbau in braunschweig and then went to daimler in the suden to stuttgart. "When i was asked that i would know, he has already swallowed", says anke kleinschmit. But when she paid to him where she starts, it did not take too long until the father was behind the decision of the daughter.

"Gender discussion was and is not important to me"

"As a nature-loving person, he has several rates of stihl in the garage and as an engineer he is that they are good", says anke kleinschmit. She has been a development board at stihl in waiblingen since mid-2019, a suburb of the swabian capital.

In german chief days women are rarely represented, female things for development are even rare. "This gender discussion was and is not important to me", says small. She has the experience in three decades of her professional assistance that one better works with one, with the other worse, but nothing to do with the gender, but with man.

Success with chainage instead of quota

A statutory quota should now ensure that more women come in leadership positions. At least one wife should sit in the undersized companies’ boast-offered and parity with a co-determined company if this board has more than three members. Thus it is in the bill the federal government decided at the beginning of the year. "My life has shown me that as a woman can be successful as a woman without a quote", says anke kleinschmit. She is not a girlfriend of the female quota because she is not naturally occupied positions. "I have become at stihl board member because it has fit." this motivates much more than a quota.

Small, burns for her work. "I am from full conviction developer and i did not want to do anything else because i can make the most of the development." this is driving her and preferably she works with engineers together, "what is because we understand each other professionally". In the development, it is waiting for the mag small, retrospective less.

Honest and straightforward

You have a son, the 53-year-old. Also, that they like to move on the fresh air and floats. But not in the indoor pool, but only outdoors and all this possible uncomplicated. More should not be written about your private life. Anke kleinschmich communicates clear. There are no phrases and phrases in their vocabulary. She hort and responds to prazzise, as engineers are just: pay arguments, not fantasies.

The conversation takes place in a videoconference. Before small shirts are some blatter paper with notes on the questions previously submitted. The press chief of stihl is sitting opposite. A few times, she looks at him before she answers to interpret his facial expressions and thus to catch up with his professional advice. Small, a team player is. It is honest and straightforward; what she does not pay, sounds in the last. Nothing was growing for a positive reporting.

From the anonymity for family business

The decision for stihl was one with reason and fed. "It was not easy, this process took half a year", says small. In the time she searched for analogies between daimler and stihl and found. In both companies, a technical device comes out after a similar product development process. The complexity differs in the automotive in the product, at stihl in the variety of products. Stihl has been uninterrupted world market fuels for 50 years, but has expanded its product portfolio over time to expand its product portfolio for gardening and landscape care and construction industry over time.

The essential difference between her earlier and today’s employer is their culture: "daimler is gross and anonymous, stihl a family business with personally dealing." added to this was an emotional factor. She was just over 50 years at the request and thought: "it’s cool and the right time to start something new." in total, this leads to their ration at daimler and motorsagen instead of mercedes.

Loyalitat and trust

Shoren, form opinion, decide: these are their tasks today. "As the result, we are responsible for the company that the company is successful", says small. This is measured by the body. Sounds of stihl are considered reliable products. Create this reputation as one of its most important tasks. Your work is measured because.

Your employees awaits you loyalitat, just as she was faithful for 28 years of daimler. Just as important she holds honesty and transparency. "No company can be successful if there is no trust in and to the company." therefore, it is important that your former and new colleagues know that you did not leave daimler because the car conzers slipped into the crisis. That was not foreseeable at that time. That she does not fit to stihl.

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