Driving report: vespa elettrica

Driving report: vespa elettrica

The italian piaggio group launched a new series with vespa elettrica: for the first time, there is the legendary scooter, invented almost 75 years ago and perfected in countless developing steps to the design icon, with battery electric drive. This allows – strong dependent on the number of stops or. The following acceleration incidence – a journey time of a good three hours.

Makes spab

This is for a city car that can be loaded at every two-meter-remote household outlet, absolutely sufficient. But not only that: driving also this vespa makes spab, not only because it is simply about the hand, but because the elettrica conveys a feeling of solidness. For gluck for piaggio, you liked to add, because with at least 6390 euros is the chic bike no cheaper purchase.

Even if in china has been around the electric scooters in millions for years, electrically powered small scooters in central europe are rarely in traffic. Piaggio is also the first established two-wheeler manufacturer, which dares into this segment. Although bmw is already active with his c evolution, but this powerful e-scooter ranks two classes high, even in the price. The vespa elettrica should now play the turoftro for the piaggio group, so that in its wake of keichwater, even more simpler and thus more prominent electric scooters comply with the cashasses of the group.

From a technical point of view, there is no reason to buy the vespa elettrica: you drive as well as any current vespa, spracht derestig, rolls safely around each curve and slows down souveran. Even worse straws completes them without their driver falling the seals from the teeth. The round chrome mirrors allow the best choke.


The colorful tft display reveals, well readable, everything worth knowing. That it is also the driver’s smartphone to integrate, mia guarantees the multimedia platform of the italians. How well such plants and the endeavor to pay more attention and thus a plus on safety in the stainless steel, let it be heard. The storage space under the seat is rough enough for a jethelel, the glove box for a few fingerlesss and the smartphone as long as it charged there, because a usb socket is conveniently available. Even switches and levers are thoughtful and can be used well.

To the chic shell – there is only a silver metallic-colored unit paint – adds high quality led lighting, front like back. As a contrast to the dignified silver, a powerful blue and a no less intense yellow are served. Last color for rim horizons, front plate and ceders at the seat is the elettrica 70 reserved, the blue of the slower vespa. Both also carry a corresponding splash of color on their tie mentioned mittelbahn of the front panel.


Excellent solving the developers have the point of performance request in "gas"; the power of power is spontaneously, but perfectly equally equal and without jerking. You can certainly suggest a good sense of equilibrium constant with tempo 3, without the drive mucking somehow. The acceleration is carried out soveran and equally until the digital axo freezes at the number 49 – faster the blue vespa does not run. When it goes uphill, the pace sinks. But at least the vespa does not really make: the climbing mobils give the italians in solo operation with 30 percent, in the seating company with at least 20 percent. Thus, a vespa elettrica can also be used in stuttgart; the majority of cheap chinese scooters does not create that.

Spab free in eco mode

80 kilometers range (but zero stops) gives piaggio furs to drive in power mode (45 km / h) for the blue version, as much as the yellow version. Both batteries are roughly rough and with 25 kilograms also hardly difficult. Both are also strong (3.6 kw / 4.9 hp). The 20 km / h more results from changed control software and a slightly prolonged translation. 100 kilometers far should come who on the eco mode (30 or or. 45 km /). This driving style is guaranteed spab-free and dangerous to it, so without benefits. Because the bidding radius is roughly enough in view of the low speeds of the e-vespa, the potential travel times to reloading highest for masochists are not sufficient.

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