Driving report: volvo v90 d5

Driving report: volvo v90 d5

Munchen, 10. June 2016 – the picture of the rough, seemingly indistorable volvo exists in some pots quite yet, the brand also has a stable image after changing the owner. How resilient it is, the next few years will show, because only now the models come to the market, which were developed under the rule of geely. Already at the xc90 it has been shown that the chinese have apparently left the sweden largely free hand. A short drive impression of s90 and v90 shows that this idea was a very good here too.

Noble ambience

Tur on, boarding, take place: bright, noble materials, tasteful ornamental, newly designed seats that can be adjusted far-reaching and also offering good stops in curves, especially plenty of space in the second row – in volvo one has done intensively thoughts what customers expect in this class. From the floating center console, until recently a trademark, the swedes have adopted. A massive center tunnel separates driver and front passenger. After all, he offers plenty of space for storage compartments.

The cargo hold of the combination is almost identical to that of the process with 560 liters and offers some useful ideas – from the beer box stopper to small parts storage. Who locks the back seat laths, comes up to 1526 liters of storage space – 74 liters less than in the process v70. A space miracle is not this volvo combination with these values, there are shortcomers with more space in the stern. For this, the space offered on all seating positions opposite the process. First of all, there are more freedom of movement.

Nested operation

New ways is volvo in the operation. A 9 inch gross touchscreen for navigation, infotainment and vehicle settings is arranged in high-format as at tesla or the new renault espace. The arrangement can be configured in certain limits, but a criticism remains: the filler of information is distracted, the operation only right. Where, for example, a handle gave enough to change temperature or air supply is today a submenu worthwhile. At least the basic functions should be blind to use. In the basic model kinetic, a standard 6.5-inch display is installed. Press pictures are not available, but in the configurator it works a bit starved with its coarse plastic frame.

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