Driving report vw amarok 3.0 tdi v6 4motion

Driving report vw amarok 3.0 tdi v6 4motion

By september 2016, the amarok had to get along with two liters of coarse diesel engines in different power levels. Similarly compact pick-ups like mitsubishi l200 (test), nissan navara or ford ranger, the vw had a displacement disadvantage above all. Today he overflow the four-cylinder of predominantly japanese competition with v6 leaflet, on request also with performance. We tried the peak motorization in volkswagen small truck.

Since april 2018, the amarok is in a variant with 258 hp and with 580 nm, in the boost mode even briefly 272 hp and 600 nm obviously. Only daimler offers comparable motorization in its mercedes x-class based on the nissan navara mercedes x-class since july 2018. The three-liter v6 diesel of the mercedes x350d (test) offers 258 hp and 550 nm.

Acceleration: absurd

The vw amarok 3.0 tdi 4motion thus accelerates itself from low speeds not only souveran but with about 7.5 seconds to 100 km / h precisely absurd for a commercial vehicle. Volkswagen has coincided volkswagen the eight-speed automation, whose first course is briefly designed for start-up in the ride, on the mountain or with a hanger stressed. The standard consumption is indicated at 8.3 liters, on our rides the flatbed wagon without charge about ten liters of diesel fuel. With full 80-liter tank, a range of around 800 kilometers remains. The urea tank for the exhaust embroidery holds 13 liters. Little, because a consumption of about one and a half to three liters at 1000 km can be subdued at normal use.

On the 2.5 square meter loading float, a europe can even be transported across transversely, marginal murder a secure attachment of the charge, which may be difficult 886 or 1040 kg, depending on the number of sheet feathers or 1040 kg. From the versions with eight-speed automatic can be moved up to a weight of 3.5 tonnes. With 2.2 tonnes empty, the amarok is just under ten percent heavier than the slimest pick-ups in his dimension, the large proportion of the additional weight allowed engine and gearbox.

Preserved from the iron age

Although you notice your age at the gelandangigen flatbed wagon, but the drive is up to date. The chassis technology, however, corresponds to – at least on the rear axle – the stand of more than 100 years ago. That’s right, because a ladder frame with rigid axis on leaf springs is still the best configuration in a commercial vehicle, especially if it is still guided. The design combines robustness and agility, by the way, it is still the cheapest.

Car comfort you do not need to expect from such a concept. The bundles slowed away from the front single-wheel condition are reliably reported by the rear axle – especially with little weight on the loading float -. On curved routes mutually muted and much strong the design of the design unloaded too little burdened, for themselves but tagged heavy rear axle the cut. This is not amarok-bashing, it is so natural for all its competitive models. With the difference that the amarok with the lower payload with softer rear springs a track of pleasant spring.

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