Offenbach, 12. December 2014 – hyundai has succeeded in recent years a remarkable step: the former european mass brands from france, italy and germany also the brand is obedited on the fur, in some cases she has already left the long-term representatives of the automotive middle class already behind. This success was by no means a coincidence, because hyundai and kia have simply good, temporary cars for fair courses in the program. Except for a few exceptions such as the veloster, the group is reflected on what is mass-compatible – niche models remain in front. At the time of this tactic, nothing is changed for the time being, because hyundai prefers to carefully maintain its successful models. And so in the next few months of the small car i20 in completely new form, i30 and i40 in easily overworked catch in the trade.

News barely visible

The i30 is auberlich changed only marginally. Among other things, there is a new front with geandertem and steeper standing grill. These new bi-xenon headlamps come with improved illumination, the ldws ldws and the smart parking assist system (spas). New offer are seats that are ventilated surcharge.

Longer changes at the petrol, in which only the 1.6-liter with 135 hp remains unchanged. The 1.4-liter engine was 14 kg lighter, to its power increased from 99 to 100 hp. More important is that hyundai is in the nedc managed an improvement of 6 to 5.6 liters. Nevertheless, this over processing difficult to understand, because in i20 hyundai has a modern one-liter turbo gasoline angekundigt which will make between 100 and 120 hp. We estimate that its potential is still rough at least in the nedc. New in the i30 is the 1,6-liter turbo gasinine known from the veloster with 186 hp and a maximum torque of 265 nm, which applies between 1500 and 4500 / min. Thus, the i30 should complete the standard sprint in a minimum of eight seconds and reach up to 219 km / h.

The highest self-cord with 1.6 liters of displacement and 128 hp was easily handled and now makes 136 hp. This is exactly as strong as the previous 1.7-liter diesel in the i40, which now carries out 141 hp after a practicing. Why hyundai does not unify, nobody could explain to us on demand. Presumably there were problems with the content. The diesel engines with 90 hp (1.4 liter displacement) and 110 hp (1.6 liters) remain unnecessary.

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