Future of work: “much suggests a conflicting time”

Future of work:'vieles deutet auf eine konfliktreiche zeit hin''vieles deutet auf eine konfliktreiche zeit hin'

The prosperity in germany is high as never, but he is always distributing unevenly. There was never more work, but also never bad jobs. People and robots compete for work and the labor market in germany seems to ame the offspring. On the international parquet is made with criminal targets and increasingly with sanctions economic and world politics.

"The handling of the economies becomes rougher, the methods of rebate", says the sociologist sabine pfeiffer. She is a professor at the university of erlangen-nurnberg with the research focus technique, work, society. Pfeiffer predicts a conflict-rich future, co-duster through the ocological disaster, the resources such as water make the most important.

More and less workfores are more and more robots are opposite. What’s just scarce: the work because they make smart machines or the workforce because it lacks the offspring?

There is already a lack of young people, worse but is, as we deal with the few: for years we lose the 200 year.000 schuler, who do not start training or do not create it as a unknown in the labor market. As long as no solutions come to us, we do not have to moan about the competition of robots. At the other end of the age scale, unemployed engineers have 50 difficult to find a job, despite the defendant deficiency in this segment. Instead of complaining to the lack of personnel, the companies should look in corners that they avoid so far.

And what about the competitors, the robots?

How much work that seems to us seem to take away, on a frequently a one-sided and methodical ours answer. You also have to see what automation and digitization creates new jobs.

Limits of automation partially achieved

Man and machine will continue to compete for workplaces?

Yes, doubtful. This is in the logic of our economic system that machines are used where they can replace people. But we also see in our highly automated working landscape that already limits of automation have been achieved. In the production of cars with even more technology is no longer so much human to replace. Digitization means there to better control processes. Automation does not harmonize rationalization of work.

So people do not have to be afraid that machines take them away the work?

Work is relocated and replaced activities. That always happens, so you always have to expect. And if an algorithm can replace a activity, you will use it. But that does not have to cost all the workplace. We always do so as the goods are a game between man and machine, in fact it is one between the company and workers, technical design and organization of the work. How much unemployment is produced, decides at the end of the market: you get the more products sold to products?

The institute for labor market and professional research iab, the research institution of the federal agency for work, goes out in the future of full employment and low unemployment. What’s your opinion?

Is correct: before corona, we had so much procurement than never, but less good work as earlier. In that regard, the forecast is partly comprehensible. However, the iab can not predict world market events. Corona measures have generated devastating effects in some industries. How long and how intensively the replenish, will show.

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