Google wants to establish android as a platform in the car

Google wants to establish android as a platform in the car

Google will offer the android operating system to car manufacturers as a basis for the on-board computers of their vehicles. The manufacturers will have full control over functions, operation and the integration of additional services, such as music or online services, said patrick brady, the google manager in charge, to the deutsche presse-agentur. "Android is an open system, they can do what they want to do."

The entertainment and information systems based on the new android version n are to take over all possible functions from the control of the air conditioning to the operation of the window regulators. They will also be able to access vehicle data from the so-called can bus. Google does not have any access to the information, brady emphasized at the developer conference google i. A separate license agreement is to be required for the integration of google services such as maps, as is the case with smartphones. Android auto software for better integration of android smartphones should be supported by default.

Brady expects google’s new voice assistant to play an important role in the car. "Especially when you’re driving, you don’t want to open an app, for example, to reserve a table at a restaurant." the "google assistant" announced wednesday is supposed to understand human speech and converse with users. The first product to hit the market in the fall will be the "google home" connected speaker.

Google shows off a converted maserati at the conference, with a 15-inch touchscreen installed as the control unit. The instrument cluster in the dashboard has also been replaced with a screen. However, manufacturers were free to decide on the coarseness and type of controls, brady said. For internet connection, a modem could be installed in the car or a connected phone could be used.

It may take some time before the first cars with android hit the streets: accordingly, the specifications and interfaces are to be presented to the car manufacturers first. Brady emphasized the advantages of the google operating system for manufacturers: "it’s free, standardized, and they don’t have to worry about software maintenance and plugging security holes."

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