Grun times differently: geiger dodge challenger srt8

Grun times differently: geiger dodge challenger srt8

Munich, 27. November 2008 – it’s been almost 40 years since a dodge challenger caused a stir on u.S. Highways. A challenger it really was, because in the model year 1970 it was placed as a competitor of the ford mustang. It is no different today. After the mustang gt laid the foundation for the comeback of the muscle cars a few years ago, the challenger is now asking for a duel again.

Strong for 14.900 euros

The base se model is powered by a 3.5-liter v6 with 250 hp. For even more fun, the 375-hp r. With the top model srt8, 425 hp make for satisfied faces among muscle car fans. But if that’s not powerful enough for you, you can get help from the munich-based tuner geiger. He’s taking the srt8 up a notch by installing a special supercharger kit that boosts the 6.1-liter eight-cylinder to a maximum of 569 hp and 678 nm of torque. The price for the power upgrade is 14.900 euros.

Optimum delay

According to the tuner, anyone with that much power under their bum should also be able to generate adequate negative acceleration. For this purpose, the srt8 gets a high-performance brake system for 6644 euros with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in the rear. In addition, an adjustable strut suspension from hr is available for 1529 euros, which can be further upgraded with sports stabilizers.

Fancy alus

The contact to the asphalt surface is taken over by chic multi-spoke rims in 22 inches, with 275 tires in the front and 295 in the rear. The wheel. For an even more throaty sound, a stainless steel exhaust system is available for 1990 euros.

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