Intel promotes state aid for semiconductor production

Intel promotes state aid for semiconductor production

The us group intel has again pronounced state aid for semiconductor production. "It should be created a favorable environment that allows the chip manufacturers to be competitive with a production in europe", deutschlandchefin christin eisenschmid said the editorial network germany (saturday) according to advance notice. Conne in asia by 40 percent cheaper than produced in europe. The coarse part of it comes from subsidies, resulting in the industrial strategy of governments for many years. "A similar collateral policy is also mailling to produce more semiconductors in europe", was quoted ironschmid.

"An outstanding opportunity for the business location bavaria"

The us group already operates a chippabrik in ireland, plans another location in europe and expects a demand for billions. Bavaria is hoping for the settlement of a chip factory of the california industry giant intel in the south of the free state. "The location penzing-landsberg and the region total goods for the project excellently suited", federal minister of economics hubert aiwanger (free wahler) of the augsburg general (saturday).

He could convince himself of a local date this week of this and look forward to that the municipal council penzing and the citytrat landsberg supported such an application. "We are also in close contact with the company and will use us for the region and the project", said aiwanger. "The potential settlement of a coarse international semiconductor producer in bavaria is an outstanding opportunity for the business location bavaria."

Investmentmme of 15 billion

The project is an investment of 15 billion euros in the room. The former flyerhorst between penzberg and landsberg am lech is one of many possible locations. A decision is expected in the second half of the year.

Today, most electronic chips are manufactured in asia. In the chip supply, there are currently in almost all industries. Chips are right now because of digitization that production is not enough. In germany, automakers drive short-time work because of the bottleneck, including production sites of audi and bmw.

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