Ix workshop: serverless computing in practice

IX Workshop: Serverless Computing in practice

Serverless computing stands for an environment in which developer code can be directly exported – on aws lambda can be used in java, go, powershell, node.Js, c #, python or ruby written functions. The functions are triggered via the network, supplied with data and also deliver your result.

Benefits are the good scalability and high agility of software development. However, the functions are steaddrous, which must be considered in the development. While a single feature is also implemented quickly, more complex serverless applications require a sophisticated software architecture.

Of the ix-workshop develop serverless applications: from conception to operation, you prepare for four days on the challenge serverless computing. They learn the principles from serverless computing using the example of aws lambda know, write yourself serverless functions, receive a look over real application scenarios and design suitable architectures. In addition, it’s about the requirements of a productive serverless operation: security, debugging and testing, deployment and monitoring.

The course is limited to 20 persons so that an intensive exchange between the participants and the speaker is possible. He finds in two blocks on 22. And 23. As well as on 29. And 30. June as an online workshop, to participate enough a web browser. Basic java skills are helpful. The speaker lars rowekamp is the primary of open knowledge gmbh, author and speaker on developer conferences. Freight swept up to the 25. May a discount of 10%.

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