“Made in germany” remains selling argument for porsche

The car maker porsche continues to be little of its own production in china. "We want to continue to maintain our asset ‘engineered and produced in germany’", said financial officer lutz meschke of the stock exchanges newspaper from thursday. This is a valuable sales argument abroad and secure the company’s high prices.

In china, the volkswagen subsidiary invest primarily in the handlernsetz. The number should rise from a good 50 to around 100 in the next three years. "We continue to expect healthy growth, albeit not average growth rates as in recent years", said meschke to the economic outlook in china.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the eu commission on climate protection, porsche engages according to meschke "investing in a coarse extent". Overall, the company wanted to invest 1.3 billion euros this year. "Also in the next five years, it will be more than 1 billion euros per year", he said the newspaper.

Through the high sales growth konne porsche financing the investments from one’s own cash flow. At the same time, the debt should be completely reduced by 2016. When procurement, the integration completed one year ago has a positive effect in the vw group. Already last year the refinancing costs have been significantly reduced.

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