Muslims threaten german video culture

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

One thing we want to make clear right at the beginning today; and that is exactly this. That simply had to be said. And now a quick tip for the gentlemen and ladies of the PI blog, who in their fight for the purity of German culture like to confuse politically incorrect with politically underexposed. And that’s why you should quickly visit YouTube, click on "German" as the language, and then watch the video hits of the German-language section. The hit parades offered there are dominated by such typically German videos as "Ezo Gelin 26", "Ezo Gelin 26" and "Ezo Gelin 26". Bolum 4 / 8", "4Yuz 4 Yuz – Kiz Kiza (En iyi Kalite)" or "Avrupa Yakas? 126. Bolum 7 / 10". In short, the good German YouTube video is actually in danger of dying out! And not even the latest Nessie video could place there.

Nessie caught on tape

But not only the apparently slippery Loch Ness monster has reappeared, but also the aliens are back – on YouTube, with a video and the promise: "Sgt. Clifford Stone US Army explains how 57 varieties of alien beings had been catalogued by 1989". But in view of the infinite expanse of space, 57 different aliens are not really that much… Unfortunately, we do not know whether the "Generation Suff", which is just growing up, has already dealt with this subject. In Japan at any rate one goes with the demand of this new intoxicated youth culture still another step further than with us. And already supplies the smallest of the small with so-called children’s beer. To learn from Japan means to learn to drink!

Muslims threaten german video culture

Kodomo no nomimono – Japanese beer for kids

WatchBerlin, the video portal of the capital, is always worth a visit. After all, the operators write, Berlin "has much to offer and is more diverse than any other city in Germany. Therefore watchberlin presents Berlin personalities, institutions, events, comments, gastronomy, politics, culture, scene and entertainment – just everything worth knowing about the capital city."And Michel Friedman and Henryk M are among the personalities who have posted videos there. Broder.

Muslims threaten german video culture

Michel Friedman offers WatchBerlin

That Friedman is a gifted polemicist can hardly be disputed. But his latest contribution, his latest exaltation of the doping affair, has a rather stale aftertaste. Or in the words of one commenter on this video: "it disgusts me too! oh, michel, take a quick look at your own nose, i think there is still some of the white powder on it. well, he who is without sin, cast the first stone. go on then, collect stones."

In any case, Broder’s video about the Oettinger case is worth watching. And how the journalist Oliver Gehrs regularly works his way through the current "Spiegel" is amusing. Although in his last film he fell for an alleged advertisement of the Bundeswehr, which in reality came from a crude car rental company. You can find more about "WatchBerlin" here . And we now close with Caught in the Act, a hilariously embarrassing adolescent drama.