Opel boss: small suvs always good in demand

Opel boss: small suvs always good in demand

The small suvs segment will continue to grow after the opel chef’s opel chef michael lohscheller. "In particular, customers ask these little suvs strongly," said the manager at the iaa in frankfurt. The brand concerning the french psa group will significantly increase its suv share of 30 percent now. The compact cars could be driven using electric drives with very low consumption values.

The opel boss was facilitated that the company has not developed very rough suv so far. "Whether the rough, ie 5 meters plus, will have a future, since i did not put it on it," he said. "Maybe we are quite well positioned."The big opel suv grandland x measures 4.48 meters in the long and therefore stresses more traffic surface than a current opel astra.

The grandland x has been produced since the end of august 2019 in eisenach. Production is gradually shifted from the french sochaux to thuringen. At the beginning of 2020 a plug-in hybrid variant of the grandland x should follow. With a system performance of 300 hp, to which the gasoline engine is contributed to 200 hp, but a maximum of low consumption stood but obviously not in focus.

Lohschelle relies rough hopes of the russian market, which was closed to the manufacturer for years as a subsidiary of the us group general motors. Opel should be the leading brand of the psa group in russia, he announced. The renovation program "pace" has already come very far with the exception of internationalization. Only the models astra and insignia (test) fed to platforms of general motors, said lohscheller. The company is therefore on a good way to achieve the sales margin of six percent, which is actually targeted only in 2026 this year. Further goal is now to achieve the profitability of the group brands peugeot and citroen.

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