Package bombs: trump fan detained as a suspender

Package bombs: Trump fan detained as a suspender

The suspicious on a photo of his linkedin account

Probably it was an individual dad that wanted to lay dry the democratic swamp, Trump Eiert continues around

That was fast with the "Maga Bomber", Especially if this compares this with clearing of the unauthorized package bomb series and the anthrax letters, with the latter further doubts, whether the suspicious, which committed suicide before the arrest, was indeed the guilty. Yesterday, the FBI in the city of Plantation in the near Miami has arrested a man as a major repository.

That the 13 pack bombs, on Friday were still packages to the Senator Cory Booker and the ex-intelligence director James Clapper were found in Florida, had already become clear on Thursday. The sender was always the democratic deputy Debbie Wasserman Schultz, which was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during the election campaign. The FBI came to the trail of the arrest on DNA tracks on the packages and warned that even more parcel bombs could be on the road. There are no "Hax Devices", said FBI director Christopher Wray yesterday, but self-made explosives (IED).

Package bombs: Trump fan detained as a suspender

Minister of Justice Session and FBI Director Christopher Wray yesterday at the press conference to the Maga Bomber. Sessions described the suspicious as likely "partisan" (Party). Image: FBI

Cesar Sayoc or. Cesar ALTIERI Randazzo, which was detained in connection with the package bombs on an open strain in front of a business, is 56 years old and known as Republican Wahler and as a Trump Pendant. On his Twitter account, the hatred of George Soros, Clinton, Obama or Maxine Waters becomes clear to whom parcel bombs were directed. There he describes himself like this: "Current Booking Agent / Sales / Marketing / Promotions / Project MGR Live Events Seminole Hard Rock Live.Former Professional Soccer Player, Wrestler, Cage Fighter."

On LinkedIn he gives up as "Promoter, Booking Agent Live Entertainment, Owner, Choreographer". Here he writes in bad english and something confused, his coarse father should have developed a martial arts start in the Philippines, with which the communist party was smashed. He is registered as the owner of Native American Catering Vending, in July, Tech AG was still.

His Facebook page he used until October 2016 has already been locked. There he had published videos from a campaign event of Trump and otherwise distributed according to the Charlotte Observer Pro Trump News, Racist Applications and Fake News Uber Democrats. It had gone against Islam and Naturally Hillary Clinton: "Hillary Clinton’s health decreases and goes to the cemetery, where many have excused. The Lord gives death and America will celebrate", he wrote in September 2016.

Package bombs: Trump fan detained as a suspender

CESAR SAYOC at a Trump election event 2016, picture of his Facebook page

His extremely striking van, meanwhile also "TrumpMobile" named, was skipped. It was extremely surprise with posters for Trump and Pence, against CNN or the democratic swamp, against Clinton or Michael Moore, so approved for launch. These are pictures of how you could always see them on Pro-Trump election campaign events. So the classic Democrat Hater, which the attacks of Trump have fallen to politicians and media. So he wanted to eradicate the swamp? Of course one wonders when the man has sent the parcel bombs and was not confident, why he has growing himself consuming and careless as an enemy of the Democrats and Trump fan. A Twitter user posted photos of the vehicle he has already recorded in April. This was meant that the suspicious has long been very conspicuous in the public.

Debra Gureghian, for the SAYOC to work for a year for the SAYOC until January as a pizza driver with his van, said he had given the exercises directed against gays, blacks and Jews every day. Hitler loved udn once told her that she is a lesbian "deformed" be, one should put them with all other gays on an island and burn. She did not comment on his exercises, he had been a reliable employee.

On the trail came the FBI to the suspicious because Sayoc was impaired and therefore his fingerprints and gene samples were in the database. In 2002, he had already been convicted of preservation for a bomb threat for a year. In 1991 he was first convicted of preservation for the first time on theft for two years. Otherwise, there were ads for theft and corporation injury. In 2012, he announced bankruptcy, then he worked in a supermarket.

Soros locks

Shortly before the arrest, Donald Trump still jammed that the bomb history too much attention. The Republicans had beaten well in the elections so far, with the package bombs, the momentum slowed down greatly because the news was about politics: "Very unfortunate, what happens. Republican, pulls off and eludes!" Of course, the parcel bombs is politics, as it looks now, one of the trump fans whose verbal attacks on the political opponent was informed.

That this was not so cleverly noticed in the woman’s house and dear Trump the work of the police prices, the law enforcement of every person responsible "to the legal border" promise and once again to demand national unity. But he slipped again in his grossphream: "We have to show the world that we are united in peace and love and harmony as an American burger. There is no country like ours, and we show every day, we’re roughly we are."

Father disappeared the situation once again how the Washington Post writes. When he met visitors and fans in the East Room, he made the "Globalists" Laughing, what some of the guests called "Soros" and then "Locks him". Trump laughed and repeated "Locks him".