Reorientation in moscow?

Reorientation in Moscow?

Konstantin Kosachov and Veronika Credit entity in the Moscow museum for newer Russian history. Image: Moscow museum for newer Russian history

Veronika Krashinikowa, leading member of the ruling party "Some Russia", Criticizes contacts to AfD and Front National

In the museum for newer Russian history at the Terskaya Strain, not far from the Kremlin, there was on 1. November an event that did not fit into the walk Russia picture. Veronika Krashinikowa, Head of the Department of Affordable Political Party Politics "Some Russia", Theses presented to the right populists in the European Union, which had it.

There are no cooperation with these powered, because they represented other values and harmed the image of Russia, explained the 47-year-old politician, who is known in Russia as a participant in television talk shows and head of an institute for sub-political research and initiatives. The right populists only used Russia to get to the international bean.

For Russia, this force was a danger, the politician already had on the 13th. July 2018 in a multi-page analysis in the Russian business magazine "Ekspert" executed. If you do not transfer the assertion of the AfD, the Islam policy to Germany, on Russia, you cancel against the paragraphs 280 (call for extremist activity) and 282 (buttocks to hate) of the Russian Criminal Code. Russia is a plorther state. Vladimir Putin has explained several times that Islam is belonging to Russia.

Reorientation in Moscow?

Konstantin Kosachen – Chairman of the Committee for Sale Relationships of the Fertility Council. Image: Moscow museum for newer Russian history

At the event in the museum for newer Russian history, which was above all the student audience was published, Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Committee for International Relations of the Russian Fertility Council said.

Kosathow, who, as an expert in Aubenpolitik to the Ukraine crisis, was mostly speaking in German media reminiscent of the 1990s, when Russia believed in the goodwill of the West. He quoted the former German Divierian Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, who spoke of the early 1990s, one must end the division of Europe. For that you need people "with good will".

Kosachov reminded of the "Charter for a new Europe" from 1990. This final document of the KSZE in which the word "Nato" No once appears, be "Romanticians" written. Russia underdayed at the time how NATO and the EU influence on Europe, said Kosachow self-critical.

"Who are our friends in Europe?"

From a different non-perception of the realitat, the main speaker Veronika Krashinikowa spoke. "There are hard disputes among our experts and our television screens, who are our friends in Europe", The politician explained at the event in the Moscow Museum. After Europe "started the course of the isolation of Russia", be "Marginaler penetrated in this vacuum". To this "marginal" and "Expires" Pays Krashinikowa the National Front (now "Racemblement National") In France, the alternative for Germany, the Lega Nord in Italy and the FPO in Austria.

Reorientation in Moscow?

Veronika Krgerinikowa introduces her billing with the legal populists in the EU. Image: Moscow museum for newer Russian history

The politician explained that the right-wing populist parties in the EU "not started at zero", How many Russians believe. As evidence, the politician managed at the event visited by about 100 people, a 1992 video interview conducted by French Journalists with the Belgian Nazi Apart Leon Degrelle.

In the video you can see Degrelle, the 1944 commander of the SS battalion "Wallonia" At the Eastern Front was, in his decorated with Nazi souvenir apartment. He shows a proud of Hitler personally awarded knight’s cross with oak leaves. And he proudly paid him, Hitler praised him as excellent soldiers and said: "If I had a son, then I wish he goods like her." Degrelle had fixed contacts to Spanish and French right-wing extremists until his death in 1994. He took on one "Sun" the front national part.

Yes, Marine Le Pen tried to clean the front nationally from the attachments of fascism, says Krgerinikowa in her lecture. But many who belonged like party primitives Jean-Marie Le Pen in the University of Right Radical Organizations, are still active in the front national. About 15 percent of the members of right-wing populist parties in Europe are right-wing radicals and neo-Nazis, the politician is treasons.

Your lecture on the European legal populists ends the politician with the words, the facts spoke a "clear language": "In Europe, they are known to many people who are interested in politics." But in Russia these facts are "from different reasons less known".

Why these facts in Russia "less popular" are not discussed on the event. Also Pjotr Fjodorov, Head of the Department of International Relations of the Russian State television channel WGTRK and Fruher representatives of Russia in the television channel Euronews, took no position despite the request of Krgerinikowa to the hot iron.

Reorientation in Moscow?

Participant of the event in the Moscow museum for newer history. Image: Moscow museum for newer Russian history

The author of these lines had gained the impression in the last four years that Russian television did not represent the AfD, Front National, FPO and Lega Nord as a right populist and right-wing radical, but as conservative, family-oriented parties "Eurosceptific", Anti-migrant and anti-American positions represent values that have economic stimulus in today’s Russia.

When participating in Russian television talk shows, the author of these lines made the experience that whenever he came to a positive experience in the integration of Turken in West Germany in the 1980s and to talk about the anti-Russian traditions of AFD politicians who reacted moderators with interpretation and silence.

Initiator of the law Uber "Foreign agents"

Who is Veronika Krashinikowa? The politician was born in 1971 in the Northern Russian Cherepowez. After studying in Leningrad, she studied political sciences at the Sorbonne in Paris. From 2001 to 2006 she was a prasident of the "Council for economic cooperation" between the US and the "Commonwealth of Independent States", A follow-up organization of the Soviet Union based in New York.

In 2012, Krashinikova initiated the law "Foreign agents". Russia needs such a law "as in the US", explained the politician. According to this law, which came into force in Russia 2014, non-governmental organizations financed by foreign governments in Russia on their brochures "Foreign agent" to press. 2014 explained Krashinikova against the newspaper "Evening Moscow", The coup in Ukraine was factually prepared by NGOs, which were financed twenty years from the West.

In 2013, the politician took part in Russian television at a dispute with the Liberal television journalists who quoted in German media Nikolai Swanidse. The pladoy for Russia democratic achievements presented by SWANIDSE in the 1990s, Krashinikova contraven the thesis, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Jelzin had factured in fact a coup tot.

The Russian media had called the entire Soviet past as poor since the late 1980s. The population is "desoriented" been. That’s why the Soviet Union was broken.

Reorientation in Moscow?

Questions from the audience. Image: Moscow museum for newer Russian history

As for the question of legal populists in the EU, there will not be unity among Russian politicians. Hope the speakers on the event in the Moscow Museum but because of the exertion of Emanuel Macron, Europe MUSSE FREE SECURITY with Russia.

The exit of the USA from the INF contract would lead to the fact that the European states end up their isolation policy to Russia and improve contacts with governments in Germany and France, so the hope of the speaker in the Moscow museum. An adjoining effect of such a development that the right populists in the EU for Moscow were relied in importance, the author means these lines.