Ride impressions in toyota prius plug-in

Ride impressions in toyota prius plug-in

Berlin, 15. July 2010 – the variation width of hybrid concepts is truly wide – it ranges from the microhybrid to the full-hybrid, this will come serial hybrids such as the opel ampera, who wants to be understood as an electric car with rich extenders. The toyota prius plug-in hybrid does not carry this claim. It should just be a hybrid vehicle that can also drive a usable route purely electrically. Although he creates only 20 kilometers, but then he becomes the preserved power-branched hybrid, which is also sparingly with the fuel. We were able to collect some practical experience with the plug-in-prius.

Lithium-ion batteries instead of nimh

Changes in the plug-in model against the normal prius are limited. Obviously new is the charging connection between front wheel and driver. This allows the car to be fully charged on a normal 230 volt socket in 90 minutes. A converter, which is housed under the passenger seat, makes the 230 volt the charging voltage required by the battery of 346 volts. Unlike normal prius that uses nimh batteries, the plug-in hybrid li-ion batteries are installed. The air-boiled batteries are housed in the trunk. Since they are gross, the loading floor lies a few centimeters high. This is usually shrinking 445 liters of coarse trunk, but the remaining 403 liters are still suppig. The batteries have a loading capacity of 5.6 kwh – significantly more than the caught 1.7 kwh at normal prius. Of these, about 3.1 kwh are used, which will allow toyota 20 kilometers electric ride.

For long distances rather unsuitable

But what the whole effort for only 20 kilometers electric driving, for example, if i return the remaining 380 kilometers of munchen-frankfurt route using the internal combustion engine? The plug-in prius for people who dare swell short routes. For example, we go to work twists kilometers. Even without charging the company in the company goods the matter environmentally friendly: from 24 we were purified 20 kilometers of emission-free, only to the rest of the four is then burned.

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