Slightly successful?

Slightly successful?

New york, 1. April 2015 – in the segment of luxury limousines make audi, bmw and mercedes at least feel the race for sales shares in this country among themselves, although there is no lack of interesting alternatives. A new start to this apparent bastion now takes cadillac with the ct6, which should also be sold in europe. He will be presented on the new york auto show.

A lightweight

Dimension and space are approximately what bmw offer with the 7s and audi with a8. However, with regard to its weight, the ami plays a class below: cadillac promises less than 1700 kilograms in the basic model. Whether the brand serves similar tricks like skoda at the new fabia, we currently do not know. But so or so that would be an outstanding value: at bmw and mercedes, the comparable models weigh at least about 200 kilograms more.

The comparatively low weight should contribute to not drifting the consumption values into those regions that can be found in gross and strong american cars to today. Of course, the engines should help. The entry marks a recharated two-liter four-cylinder with 198 kw (269 hp), which cadillac offers a 3.6-liter v6 without charging, which makes 250 kw (340 hp). Top model is a three-liter v6 with turbocharger, which makes 298 kw (405 hp). Behind the most powerful models of german providers, the ct6 remains a good stucco back. More important for a success also seems to us the offer of at least one diesel engine or hybrid drive. From both the first idea was not a speech. An eight-speed automatic is alternative, but the customer can choose between rear and four-wheel drive.


The external tubs suggest furstly space differences in the interior. The ct6 is 5.18 m long, 1.88 m wide and 1.47 m high. This is almost as long as the xl versions of 7s and s-class. The wheelbase of the cadillac measures just under 3.11 m. The exact scope of equipment for europe is not yet fixed, finally it should take almost a year until the car comes here in the trade. But we expect the ct6 without surcharge to bring things like leather, navigation system and the most important assistants. The price for the basic model was allowed at around 75.000 euro. However, it will probably be difficult at least in europe to chase the established competition customers. The current mercedes s-class sells well worldwide, bmw will introduce a new 7er on the iaa in september. Audi has recently handed over the a8 offered since 2010 in 2013. With a successor is expected in the coming year. The cadillac meets a fresh opposition.

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