Swiss telephone network: swisscom after another failure under pressure

Swiss telephone network: Swisscom after another failure under prere

In the night on friday, almost in the whole of switzerland, there were considerable impacts of the fixed network connections of swisscom. "Partly calls were constructed and canceled after a few seconds", hosted a spokesman of the network operator opposite our site. The disruptions have already ended from about midnight until 8 o’clock on friday morning. Affected were connections for business customers and emergency numbers. No disorders existed according to swisscom information in the mobile network.

It is not exactly clear, which was the cause of the massive operating scans. According to swisscom, the disruption has been grabbed a misconduct within a data center network of the business voip platform. But it will "continued intensively on the analysis of the cause of the disruption", said the speaker.

Several trap

It is the third failure of emergency numbers in two years. And there were always problems with swisscom. Equally last night, the emergency numbers have been asked in many places, as there were violent storms and overflows again in many places. In the canton st. The burgers were asked to ie themselves in an emergency to the next police station or fire department station.

The breakdown was immediately reported to the federal government, explained the company. There, the displeasure is now gross. At the beginning of last year alone, there were three mains travels in quick succession, with partially also the emergency numbers in several cantons. Back then swisscom manager had to arrive after bern and take account of account. The responsible federal office for communication (bakom) had requested investigations.

Crisis session at the regulator

On friday morning, the bakom had convened a crisis meeting. After the trunks of the past year, the swisscom had taken mails to improve the stability of the networks, bakom director bernhard maissen said against swiss television. Since the cause of the error is not yet known, he does not yet say whether these macers have been misapplaced or new problems arise.

The bakom classifies the door into the highest prioritat. Collapse of the emergency numbers are serious breakdowns, explained the authority according to a report of the nzz. The author is currently working on creating the legal basis for clear responsibilities at emergency call. The aim is to clearly determine the statuses in the case of the above fundy emergency call centers and thus increase the safety of the system.

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