The complaints of the stonemeatic term according to the invention of the paper

If Whistleblower take the role of journalism and pursue and locked it back, you can "Newspaper" just bury

Of the "mirrors" Has permanently a debate on the future of the daily newspapers. The absorbent sale of a package of newspaper and magazine titles of Axel Springer AG, which has become known, was the lack of evidence (formerly: WAZ) group, which generally as another skull of the grassy plague of the "Newspaper" was interpreted. And more: That the surrendered German newspaper company has no return expectations for its core products, could also be seen as a symptom of an even deeper crisis that is concerned not only the printed newspaper, but in a total of journalism. It is considered to be identified that Springer does not invest the 900 million euros in journalistic products in journalistic products – the former media company is thus the way to a grocery group, which besides falling, but still profitable entertainment steamer "image" Only those already deficates "world" As a propaganda organ does. But with real journalism, however, this has just as little to do as the talk of the executive committee Dopfner that Springer achieves almost half of his revenue in the digital area, unless you also call jobborsen "journalism" – or websites with real estate offers, award comparisons and promotional prospectuses.

Is now a bad sign when the marketplace of the newspaper industry goes out the journalistic visions? Or if, as just happen, a mail order handler like Amazon the deficits "Washington Post" bought? Not necessarily, because it only shows that the classic business model of newspapers, the room between the ads with messages to fulen, has been exhausted. The attempt to transfer this business model 1 to 1 to the Internet is also failed, and it is obviously questionable whether the required by many publishers and partly already established "Payment barriers" Can save it.

the "New York Times", whose "METERED PAYWALL" Users read a limited number of articles and only then asks to make a cashier, which applies allentholars as a model, has set $ 40 million in the programming and creation of this paywall. But if and when they ever come in, stands in the stars. But if now a globally established daily newspaper as NYT can no longer be financed because the elaborate distribute through advertising in the vastness of the World Wide Web instead of landing in the publishers of the coarse newspapers, though the Paywall model does not really work and if at the same time it is clear that journalism costs money and good, independent, investigative journalism more money – is not the end, the death of the free press, the collapse of the "fourth saille" democracy ?

no. Because daily newspapers are also needed in the future, even if they are no longer printed on paper. Also and urgent than ever used is an actually independent press that is no longer – as in the old business model – depending on advertisers and must generate Shareholder Value for media companies. Used is a freedom of press that is no longer equivalent to the FAZ co-primary Paul Sede already criticized in 1965: "Press freedom is the freedom of 200 rich people to spread their opinion." Rather, it is used what a journalist called Karl Marx already stated 100 years ago: "The first freedom of the press is not to be a trade."

Here is the bunny in the pepper – and here shows why the rough catastrophe of the "Newspaper crisis" Perform a chance. Because not the age of digital copy and reproducibility, not the change of the display medium of wood on silicon, from paper to LED, are responsible for the crisis, but rather the decline of genuine journalism, the increasingly commercial, commercial, equivalent distribution of the same news all channels, the fact that journalists are no longer clarifying agents of truth and clarity, but increasingly to speakers and stenographers of the powerful and rich. For these types of un-journalism are less and fewer people are ready to pay, neither on paper nor on the net – and that’s good!

Real journalism takes place only in exceptional cases

Because how is it that in an alleged "make" Election campaign sommer no real alternatives become visible and in this lead dullness the Nonwheels almost to the big party? Why, after the gigantic financial scandals in recent years, shadows of shadows, tax oases and hedge funds can be brought to a glorial and unhindered? Why did a Julian Assange had to come until "Collateral damage" War crimes in Iraq on the topic? Why had to take a Edward Snowden for the fact that the flat-sailing husbandry occurs by intelligence services in the newspapers?

The questions love themselves and run all on the same answer: Because real journalism is no longer or only in exceptional cases. Because a handful of media companies and news agencies pretend the agenda and headlines of all newspapers and still the smallest regional leaf differs only through a bit of local colorite from all other sources and distinguishes the news sites on the net. The – and not the change from prere to paper for presentation on the iPad screen – is the actual core of the "Newspaper crisis" and the cause of that that payers are not or only there, where the reader will be offered by the reader beyond this medial unity breis nor journalism.

This is also the reason why a daily newspaper like the "taz" In times of the rampant newspaper dying, a task enhancement can report why the campaign started there two years ago to pay for the volunteer payment of TAZ.DE The online offer can not finance, but has become a firm saule of the elderly and why the Taz cooperative as the owner of the newspaper increasingly attracts new co-owners and cooperative capital. Not Shareholder Value, potential two-digit returns and financial profits are the reason for this trend, but the independent journalism, which the TAZ is trying to maintain and maintain a modest framework. Readers are ready to pay in the future – and not only on paper, but also for digital products. Almost a quarter of the printed taz edition of 50.000 The readers are now achieved as e-paper in digital form – significantly more than other daily newspapers also shows this trend that newspapers have a perspective and not only printed, but also digital – unless they remember what they actually remember there are…

Such a backburning seems overall. The omaily whining over that "Newspaper" is hardly any more than the complaints of the stonemeatite according to the invention of the paper. What we have to do is a crisis of journalism. After a survey of Transparency International, 54% of Germans are now holding the media for "corrupt or very corrupt", In the United States, the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) determined that 75% of Americans mean, journalists "unable to report disgustability".

In view of this pebulance of believeness, it is not surprised that on the one hand, fewer readers are ready to pay for such corrupt and figure-free pseudo-journalism – and that on the other hand, the guild whistleblower such as Edward Snowden as Edward Snowden "Traitor" designate, or, like the "Time"-Editor Josef Joffe, the "Collateral damage"-Coatings of Wikileaks as "Treason" denounce. This shows how little of the real belunity loss of your industry is in the self-mortal language of journalists – and to which displacement benefits the cognitive dissonance leads, that not the journalists who are actually paid for believe credible and relevant information and explanation, but people like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, which denounces, persecutes and locked in. And not because their information was irrelevant and incredible, but on the contrary, because they are important and too enlarged and exposes the UN journalism embedded in trivial PR and controlled propaganda and undermine. In such a wrong media world, the newspaper dying can only be buried – and hope that out of his ashes again wow something that deserves the name Journalism….

(Disclaimer: Mathias Brocker Berat the Taz-Verlag at the online development)