“The main winners are turkey and russia”

Bus stop in the Republic of Arzach / Bergkarabach. Image (2014): Vahemart / CC BY-SA 3.0

Interview with the social scientist Kerem Schamberger About the War for Bergkarabach, the location in Armenia and the geopolitical dynamics in the region

Kerem shamberger works as a communication scholar at the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munchen and is considered an intimate connoisseur of Turkey and the Middle East. He has the book together with Michael Meyen the Kurds. A people between vacuum and rebellion written.

Mr. Schamberger, they were with an international delegation during the Turkish-Azerbaijan aggression against Bergkarabach in Armenia. How were your impressions? The people already suspected the threatening defeat then?

Kerem shamberger: I was from 31. October to 4. November in the country and at that time, no one could imagine that the war was finished so fast. And then with such a catastrophic output. Although it was clear that Azerbaijan has a decisive advantage with the Turkish and Israeli war drones, but the high combat authority of the Armenian side was always countered.

Finally, it was for the defense of a Stuck’s country, on which since centuries have lived above all Armenians. You can see that not least on the old churches and monasteries in Bergkarabach. I think you were a bit blinded by your own warpropaganda, in the jerking or defeats did not precede. Therefore, the past Montagnacht suggested known from Russia, such as a flash.

You can say that this is the first war of the 21. Century is decided by the use of drones.

The genocide of 1915/16 plays a role in political life and in everyday awareness of people in Armenia – just against the background of the war?

Kerem shamberger: The genocide on the Armenians is very strong prasent in the collective psyche of people. That has become so realized first on site. Almost everyone has lost family members back then. The ancestors of many delegation participants lived in regions today Turkish territory. But exactly this country does not recognize the guilt of his real estate generation until today. On the contrary, the Turkish state propaganda even claims that there were Armenians who had arrived a massacre at the Turkin then. That’s absurd.

It is all the worse that the turkey is now involved in the war against Armenia. The past of the genocide is so unprecedented with the Turkish attack. It is the spiritual, but also belfish descendants of the then tatter, which today with Bayraktar drones – a rusts company, the UBLIGER ERGOGAN’s son-in-law, and jihadistic folders from Syria, among them all likely to attack Fruhere’s camphor,.

The war goods without the turkey did not have been possible

How was the attack on Bergkarabach assessed? The war was also in Armenia as one "turkish" Deputy war viewed?

Kerem shamberger: Of course, the primary aggressor Azerbaijan, but the war goods without the Turkey had not been possible. She encouraged the Aliyev regime, I was already saying already starred. Only this year, Baku has already imported Turkish roots worth more than $ 123 million. This year, this year, until August, shared militarions, Turkish fighting jets and helicopters and soldiers were relocated to Azerbaijan. The war stood dozens, if not hundreds of Turkish militar consultants on the side of the Azerbaijanian army. In Turkish propaganda, it is asserted that one "Brother’s folk" To help hurry.

Remains open whether it is the gross brother, which then forces the little brother to dance after his pipe. Because with the Turkish Army: She comes to stay. This is not least seen in the Turkish occupation zones of Syria, which are guided like colonies. The Aliyev regime has already dispensed with parts of his state sovereignty by leaving the Turkish militar such a major room for maneuver.

This also highlighted the Armenian State President Sarkissjan in conversation with us. The Armenian Aufemister Mnazakanjan emphasized in the conversation with the delegation that the damage of the genocide with this attack is required to the present, in here and today,. I think he’s right.

And you can also see that for example at the use of the Jihadist Soldner. These are Sunnis who made hunt for Shiites in Syria. However, the population of Azerbaijan is Schiitisch and thus these extremist elements actually also danger for them. Where I believe that part of the Soldner has started the journey less from ideological reasons, but above all from economic need and prospectlessness. You should be up to 2.000 dollars received a month and once again 100 dollars of the Armenian soldiers. But they were heavy up to the front as cannon food.

The role of Russia

They talked to the Foreign Minister of Armenia, how was the geopolitical and outpolitic situation of the country?

Kerem shamberger: We spoke an hour with Sohrab Mnazakanjan. Although he emphasized that there is a radical policy basic principle of Armenia to drive no policy at the expense of Russia or the West. You want to cope with both sides. But it is also clear that the land is geopolitically dependent on Russia, because Moscow has become active in the event of an attack on Armenian state territory. Not so when attacking mountain caravan, which is officially no part of the country.

In this war, Russia has taken a total of a recovering position and does not support Armenia from the outset. All deliberately, the two sides have been confronted, in each case with Russian weapons. Because it should not be forgotten that the economic connections between Azerbaijan and Russia has become increasingly strong in recent years. You did not want to danger that through a one-sided partisan for Armenia.

In addition, the "Velvet revolution" From April 2018 with Nikol Paschinjan as Ministerial Prosides has brought a government to power, which wanted to be oriented to the West, despite the already mentioned Aubrolitische Doctrine. That was Moscow a mandrel in the eye and watched the attack of the overseased Azerbaijan and Turkey for so long before he had to make Earvan concessions and was forced to go back under the wing of Russia.

I doubt that Pashinjan will survive the politically. And his potential departure was also very in the sense of Russia, because then the old oligarchies were finished the country again completely. In this respect, this war defeat is also tragic because it could seal the end of a democratic departure. Compared to Azerbaijan, Armenia was a functioning burial democracy.

… and the west

And how do you ame the role of the West in the war?

Kerem shamberger: The USA was busy with election campaign – so the beginning of the war was no coincidence at the end of September. France, which has a rough Armenian community, has clearly positioned ERIWANS and Macron was one of the first one who broke the use of jihadistic solth through the Turkey there. Of course from own political calculus, but after all. But over blobe lip food and a little humanitarian help nothing has happened.

Particularly scandal I find the position of the Federal Government. Germany also bears a historical debt with him, because the genocide in 1915 was not only coincident about the massacre of Turkey on the Armenians, but German top militars and officials became active in the volnericord. So Germany had to comply with this historical responsibility, it had politically and economically significant influence on the war: It is Azerbaijan Funfgrobed trading partner and the main trading partner of Turkey.

Germany took the chairmanship of the UN Security Council in July and is a non-resistant member of the UN Security Council this year for the sixth time. At the same time, this year, the EU Council Prosident has. Alone from this position Germany had influence on trade and exports. The transparency report of EU weapons exports reveals revenue of more than 1.8 billion euros through weapon sales to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

But the German ambassador in Erivan, Michael Banzhaff, showed himself in conversation with our delegation "very worried" About the development. Probably a speech finish, which he has taken directly from Aufemister Maas. Economic relations, the NATO connection and the Turkey EU escape lady, all that did not want to risk that. The Federal Government therefore decided to resume Armenians alone on the slaughterhouse. Again, you have to say unfortunately.

They also came together with representatives of linker parties. How did this treasise the location in the country and the geopolitical dynamics in the region one?

Kerem shamberger: I did a long talk with Hrag Papazian, the editorial member of a left online magazine. He emphasized that in war times of nationalism on both sides has economy and it is difficult to obtain as a left with a different position. Armenia is a small country with just three million inhabitants.

Everyone had well-known or family attendance at the front or was engaged in humanitarian help. And the left there is 100, maybe 200 activists. Since the actions are greatly limited. To social or ecological struggle is not to think during a hot war anyway. After all, a reading anti-war call was published, who called for an end to the war, clearly named the Aggressor Azerbaijan, but, for example, the return right of all enamed, both Armenians and azeris and Kurders, which there are also in the region yes,.

Overall, he plad to come to come away from focus on states, their territorial integration and sovereignty and focus more on the rights of the people living there including their right to determine their own fate themselves.

Although that sounds utopian, but in the long term, only a community coexistence will provide peace in peace in the region. I find that the experiences from Rojava and democratic confalism, which makes a coexistence of various ethnicity and religions possible, should be discussed for this case. You can learn a lot from it. Because the now Armenia octroyed "Solution" creates only new hatred, which will spin in violence at some point. It’s only a matter of time.