The military-entertainment complex

Military technology for the fashion industry and reality tv from the front line

On 29. Marz debuted "american fighter pilot" on u.S. Television, a weekly reality tv series straight from the front lines. Thus, the merger of the military, high-tech and entertainment industries in the ongoing war on terror takes on new dimensions.

The military-entertainment complex

Mabustomized advancement of interpersonal interaction (graphic: soldier system center, natick)

In any case, xybernaut is seizing the opportunity. The research that the company is doing in the field of wearable computing may benefit counterterrorism efforts. Networked cops with computer chips in their sunglasses and smart batons are supposed to make the safety net unpenetrable.

To give voice to such ideas, so that sooner or later all the nation’s law enforcement officers will be equipped with xybernaut technologiesm, james s. Gilmore, former governor of the state of virginia and chairman of the congressional advisory committee on weapons of mass destruction and domestic defense appropriations. According to a report in the online magazine the register the latter was already beating the advertising drum at a conference of experts:

"Attractable computers are the best evidence of how technology can be mobilized as part of the u.S. Counterterrorism campaign to keep our country safe and even help boost the global economy."

Like the register notes, xybernaut spends a lot of time staging such marketing coups. Thereby it is already promised that xybernaut technologies could be used on missions to mars. Equipping airline employees for airport security later turned out to be a premature claim, however. What the register journalist thomas c. Which prompted greene to say, "maybe xybernaut investors should try to convince the company to change business and do cutting edge research on cinematic special effects. In hollywood, their toys were certainly a hit. The market there is in any case many times more reliable than missions to mars."

The military-entertainment complex

intelligent textiles enable fluid transitions between city and country, inside and outside (logo: soldier system center, natick)

But utopia and reality have not yet converged in the military industrial complex anyway, fiery frontiers. The soldier system center in natick, which has been manufacturing technically innovative military products since 1954, can be credited with giving the technology transfer between the army and civilian supermarket chains a healthy boost.

The development of fire-retardant and quick-drying fabrics has seen the creation of future clothing at the natick center. Self-heating jackets are currently all the rage, which is something that the trekking manufacturer north face, founded in 1966 in san francisco, did not hesitate to introduce. Late last year, the iconic brand unceremoniously added the so-called met5 jacket to its lineup: battery-trimmed and equipped with fine fibers, it can generate a temperature of around 114 degrees fahrenheit for a good two and a half hours. The space-age parkas offered for 500 usd were sold out in a very short time. Spurred on by this success, other products developed at the natick center in cooperation with other private-sector companies are to be launched on the market these days. Below that, a usb kitchen, i.E. A food preparation device that generates its own electricity, and a so-called pocket sandwich – bread that is said to stay fresh for a good three years.

The military-entertainment complex

The, certainly costly, pocket sandwich from the soldier system center, natick

This is the background music to a war that, because it is being waged against an abstract adversary, has no end point, and thus drags on and on, requiring attention-grabbing interventions? "Zeitgeist", a novel by bruce sterling, does not provide an answer to this question, but has the appropriate scenario at hand. At the center of a world gone awry is a fictional female band called g7. Undoubtedly, this combo is all about dominating the third world with bad sampled pop. "If cultural imperialism did not work," according to sterling "then g7 did not make money."

But not only in sterling’s novel world, in which, by the way, all islamic countries have been subjugated by us pop culture, the military industrial complex from military entertainment complex ubershadowed. The latest developments in the u.S. Tv market are intended not only to provide entertainment in a wartime format, but also to eliminate the information vacuum generated on the front line. With the pentagon’s acquiescence, tv networks, including cbs and abc, have developed elaborate reality tv formats whose common denominator is to deliver documentary soap operas of war theaters. Jerry bruckheimer and tony scott are directors who are familiar with the action and war film genre, but who are entering uncharted territory by moving their workplaces into real combat zones.

First of all, from 29. Mar "american fighter pilot" will be broadcast once a week on us television from. Individual fates are to be illuminated from the closest quarters, but also the power-political connections of the current war are to be captured from the inside perspective.

War reporting, which has already been perceived as a soap opera for some time, is thus advancing into new dimensions. What does it mean for journalism and the entertainment industry that for an unforeseeable period of time reality tv will be traded as an exclusive and authentic source of information from the front lines?? Without speculating on the possible answers at this point, we can already say with certainty that not only the soldier system center in natick will get a completely new advertising platform for their products.

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