The wishes of the checkers

A senior English police officer calls for a comprehensive gene file of total taxation

In Germany, one starts just with the construction of the nationwide gene file, but already there are voices that demand, but not too careful, but the circle of those whose genetic identity should be absorbed may expand a wide way. Everything serves only the safety of the undue burgers, which were already driven in bulk to prove their innocence – and perhaps the first ground for that, which will probably come through further habitual and what a senior police officer coincidence loud BBC News from 5. May 1998 For already requested: create a gene file of the entire population.

If you have something to be available and the possibilities tasted, then you want more. This is not only about children, looking for all people, but also the safety powers. In the Great Britain, the genetic information has already collected more than 2,50000 people in a database. It has been found that in forty percent of the trap in which one has received a DNA sample at the location of a crime, a match with a genetic fingerprint could be produced.

But, as the Prasident of the Police Superintendent’s Association, Peter Gammon, highlights, it is a time consuming and progressing of a detection of gambling processes to absorb and analyze the genetic samples of suspects after a crime. You can grasp criminals faster, if you could already let the bad guy through the database where genetic samples are from every Burger’s Great Britain. Therefore, he called on the government to create a truly national database.

Of course you could also expand such a database. Means for identification and monitoring are pushing from the ground. Only mobiled the data and then could combine fingerprints, voice analyzes, facial identification, motion profiles by mobile phone signals, GPS data from cars or what else can connect with the genetic profile. It may be easier, one became every inhabitant of a country – and more tourists or other visitors, who have been able to commit crimes – with a non-removable, fictitious electronic identity brand, with which you can always control praventiv or bespeavially, who is where at what time conservation or stopped. The first attempts are already running with the new electronic prosperity, but for an attentive, security responsibilities and panoptic society, which seems to develop the digital age, were best all prisoners that are constantly monitoring for their own safety.

BBC News quotes a critic of the police-awking gene file and, who wonders, points again on a possible lack of security: "A determined criminal could be very tried to hack such a database, to upload their entries and provide an ultimate genetic alibi for every crime he commits." Safety is relative and therefore always begins in a spiral of the wettrust. But to secure the database that produces security, the security authority will already come into a new backup …