Tikv awarded as a two project of the cloud native computing foundation

TikV awarded as a two project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The cloud native computing foundation (cncf) graduates tikv to the full-fledged open source organization project. It is the two project that experiences this kind award. The prerequisite for this was that tikv probably could have a corresponding maturity of topics such as growing acceptance, open governance process, features and a strong commitment to community and sustainability.

First rust project of the cloud native computing foundation

Tikv is a rust-written, distributed key value database (key value). It is based on the design of google cloud spanners and should provide users with simplified scheduling and auto balancing functions, without dependencies to a distributed file system. It serves as a uniform and square storage layer, which ensures consistent data and is scalable horizontally. This makes it suitable for cloud-native architectures whose requirement is a central task of the cncf.

Tikv relies on the raft consensus algorithm that should keep the data stable. Originally, tikv was intended as an assessment for the htap database (hybrid transactional and analytical processing) tidb, which is compatible with the mysql protocol. The project was developed from the ground up with a view of cloud environments and is apparently well integrated into the cncf okosystem. For example, it uses the monitoring system prometheus and the grpc protocol for calling functions in distributed computer systems and is an assessment to cncf projects such as the database clustering system vitess. And it is self-reliable, it is also possible with the container orchestration kubernetes, which is probably the most important project of the organization.

His origin had the project 2016 at the database committee pingcap, which in 2018 in the cncf. Further information can be found in the envision of the cloud native computing foundation as well as on the project page.

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