With many native admin and security features: sftpgo 1.0.0 appeared

With many native Admin and security features: SFTPGO 1.0.0 appeared

With version 1.0.0 is a new major version of sftpgo before. It is a free sftp server written in go and should be extensively configured.

Against the process 0.9.6 did the developers have added multiple security features, including the software now offers multi-factor authentication as well as via user certificate for ssh. Furthermore, sftpgo includes a registration of the user about one or more public keys or password. The preferred method can be individually set for access accounts.

Access, folder and safety as desired

Sftpgo also includes virtual folders that now share between multiple users. The native quota accounts can be assigned a number of maximum files or a memory top – can be assigned with version 1.0.0 also allocate individual users in divided virtual folders. The highest transfer rate can also set the system administrator, separated after the download and uploading files.

In addition, there are many other natively contained security features, including ip filters that restrict the access of a user to an ip address area or a specific address. On request, sftpgo accepts files of a specific format only or always rejects a file type. To keep an eye on the server, a web surface is included, the information can be found directly for the monitoring tool prometheus.

Cloud connection for s3 and google native

In addition to the local file system, the software can also be used with a s3 compatible storage system as well as google’s cloud platform. Also git repositories can be addressed directly via ssh. To share ad hoc a folder, sftpgo also offers a portable mode. All information about the functionality can be found on the github page of the project.

Sftpgo appears as free software under the open source license gplv3. As operating system, the server sets linux, macos or windows ahead. However, the developers sftpgo have tested with linux, for debian and alpine also have docker images available.

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