Against the “representations of those states that are based on the world”

Wolfgang Blaschka from "Munchner promotional court against the NATO security conference" About the planned protests

Tomorrow, the Munchner promotes action firm against the NATO Security Conference on the Demonstration against the Security Conference, which was preceded by the run-up to make humanitize help for people in Syria and cause a fire break (Syria solution at the last minute?To). Demonstrated under the motto: "Abolish against call and war – NATO". Rejected u.a. the "Participation of the Bundeswehr at the Syria war", the "Accompanying Germany with the despotic regime of Turkey" and the "NATO insert against escape". Wolfgang Blaschka, Graphic designer, author and filmmaker from Munchen, is an activist of the promotional court.

Mr. Blaschka, this year the Munchner Security Conference is once again one of the best "Think Tank Conferences" been awarded. What decisions and ideas are available from politicians and statesmanners this year? For whom does it mean "Welcome to Munich" and what topics will go especially?

Wolfgang Blaschka: The representatives of those states, which are based on the world, are gathered again in this Second February weekend as every year in the Bavarian court. They are the main managers for a very globalized war policy and for exorbitant weapons exports, for a Descentrose trade policy in an unjust global economic order. They represent the rough capital in the highly industrialized states of the "Western", The landgrabbing, subsidized dumping exports and speculation on water, ol- and gas reserves undergrain and destroy the livelihoods in the Trikont. Based on Heinrich Zille love to say: you can kill a person or even whole market as well as with a drone rocket with battles, such as cheap disposal chicken legs, kill. The effect is similar to that of a human unworthy dwelling: where localized market is ruined with US tax resources, the misery is not far; And in need, ruined farmers and impoverished slum residents are emergenced on the escape into the rich landing, if they do not want to starve in their homeland. So the Mediterranean was already the mass grave. To do this, the climate successions are still coming. Which create it to get to us, we warmly welcome in contrast to the juccipless world gaders, which go for profit over corpses; They are nowhere in the world welcome, not in Munchen. Close to the venue, at the Odeonsplatz, regularly gather the Munchner Right Radicals and Horen Richard Wagner. What role does the national and AFD play in their event preparation?

Wolfgang Blaschka: The nationalist rights who prefer to be pushed on escapeons have to expect anti-fascist resistance. "Munchen is colorful" organizes regular protests against Pegida and consorts. Every now and then it succeeds in blocking their demonstration paths. It is clear: At the anti-SIKO demo you will not get a fuB on the patch. Our surrounding of the Bavarian court is also a clear signal against the right, against fascism and war policies. They call NATO policy as a cause for the escape stream and the misery in Syria. Also calculate with escape strings, for example Syrians or Afghans, among the counter-demonstrators?

Wolfgang Blaschka: I ame that the part of the protest chain through Neuhauser and Purchasing Strain, who is dedicated to the escape topic with a fence installation, is also frequented by fled from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. However, I do not make any more illusions: Most of the collection documents are still waiting for their advocated residence status. Many are exhausted by their Odyssey or have no access to political life in Germany. But everyone is welcome to participate. It’s an important step towards integration. (Miriam GilTo)