Bush in the visor militant abortion opponent

The American Prasident were added to the Hitlist of Nuremberg Files because of his decision on the stem cell research

George W. Bush is due to its decision to use embryonic stem cells in the list of "Baby Butcher" were recorded, which is published by radical abortions under the title Nuremberg Files on the web. The website had to be taken off the net for calling for the use of violence, but despite the "Charts" Only a court had prevented a ban on the beginning of the year due to the freedom of expression deferred.

The Nuremberg Files should allegedly collect evidence about all people who are "Crimes against humanity" guilty because they were involved in abortions. Whether the operators of the site really hope that once actually a process like the against the Nazi fuhrer in Nurnberg will be doubted. You are obviously more about signing people. Are listed, partly with the indication of addresses and other information, abortion committees, doctors and employees of clinics, which make abortions, and women who have abandoned. The names of deceased, including even victims of striking, are crossed out.

In Marz, a Californian Court of Appeal had dismissed the lawsuits against the Nuremberg Files, as such exercises, even if they can not be banned and to attacks attacks, unless explicitly called for violence: "Political community expenses can not be punished because they will make it more likely that someone could be injured in the future at any time in the future of a third party", Grunded the three judges who have falled the verdict unanimously.

Neal Horsley, main operator of the Nuremberg Files, based on his already long-cherished plan, to expand the awarding practice by setting up webcams before abortion clinics and the publications of photos. The aim is to install in the US and possible everywhere in the world to install Baby Butcher Cams or at least unifold photos of people on the Web, who work in abortion clinics or visit them.

Recently, George W. Bush to the list of "butcher" set because he has buried the restricted use of embryonic stem cells in the research demanded with public funds (Bush has made a decision to research with embryonic stem cells). Bush, an explanatory abortion opponent, had underconcerted under coarse prere on this decision, which allows research with the allegedly already existing 60 stem cell lines, because no further embryos have to be killed. For Horsley, this decision is a pact with the devil. The inclusion in the non-impregnated list, even with abortions, is a document for that that Bush has lost the support of the abortion opponent.