Cuba transfer

The detention conditions for taliban and al-qaeda fighters in cuba are criticized by human rights organizations, pictures just released by the pentagon love the criticism even louder

Guantanamo bay has a climate similar to san diego/california with regular temperatures around 26 to 32 degrees celsius. Whether this is a reason to rejoice for the captured taliban and al-qaida fighters now being shipped by the pentagon to the u.S. Navy base in cuba must be doubted. According to the motto "tui – you have earned it" the global prisoner transport with subsequent vacation stay in the caribbean does not expire. But what will become of this bizarre mission is unclear anyway, as the pentagon has not revealed any plans for what will happen to the 363 taliban and al-qaida fighters currently held in cuba in the future. 1.000 u.S. Soldiers have arrived in cuba to provide tighter security for capacities of up to 2.000 inmates to meet.

Cuba transfer

Prisoner in camp x-ray at naval base guantanamo bay. Photos from the pentagon

Initially, the military and security services are primarily concerned with learning more about the whereabouts of the terror network’s top leadership and further potential terrorist attacks. The status of the prisoners under international law is unclear, at least the pentagon has so far refused to define it. They are not considered prisoners of war (pow) by the u.S., nor are they accused of any crimes. The official name is "unlawful combatants". This in turn implies that the detainees will not be tried by a u.N. Tribunal, but will be subject to the administration of justice by u.S. Courts.

Guantanamo bay will probably not only become a prison fortress, despite so far unclear statements of the us government, but will probably also serve as a place of trials as well as the subsequent imprisonment after conviction of. According to u.S. Legal experts, the government’s intent in imposing the onerous deportation is to prevent the prisoners from entering u.S. Territory and claiming special legal protections there.

Cuba transfer

Some prisoners may be brought before the controversial military tribunals, which provide a much simpler procedure than regular criminal proceedings. The majority of the prisoners will be repatriated if necessary after the cuba stay. If applicable? For a long time they should be kept away from afghanistan in order to avoid potential conflicts in the region. In afghanistan, the treatment of former enemies is obviously less restrictive. There, two taliban leaders were simply sent home after a short period of detention.

The u.S. Military administration takes the position that the prisoners cannot invoke the geneva convention. To qualify for geneva convention privileges, combatants had to wear a uniform with insignia, be part of a command hierarchy, and openly carry weapons. The fact that the captured taliban are denied this status is completely incomprehensible. Pentagon spokesmen, meanwhile, rebuffed that the "detainees" were not pows, but in practice were treated as such. Amnesty international and other human rights groups now see things quite differently. They strongly criticized the accommodation of the detainees in open-air cells, which are only covered with boards and fastened on the sides with wire mesh. In addition to this special treatment, the cells have a floor space of a pitiful one meter eighty by two meters forty and are smaller than the us standards for normal prisoners.

Cuba transfer

According to human rights organizations, this placement of prisoners in the special prison does not comply with international rules and falls below the standards of humane treatment. Meanwhile, the international committee of the red cross (icrc) is also alarmed. The caging of animals fits well with the manichaean projections of the american campaign against terrorists, who have forfeited their human rights precisely because they are outside civilization. Even powerful guardians of civilization, who resort to such means, were allowed to betray themselves on which side of civilization they stand. Representatives of the icrc are currently questioning the 110 prisoners. According to the pictures, the prisoners are still wearing ear muffs, goggles, mouth guards and thick caps, and they are handcuffed and shackled with chains. The criticism is that the prisoners could also be subjected to sensory deprivation, which also serves as a means of torture and can lead to hallucinations. The u.S. Military countered that the pictures did not show the daily life of the prisoners, but were taken when they had just arrived. Normally, they were allowed to move about without shackles, goggles, ear protectors, etc. Move freely in their cells.

Cuba transfer

The us navy base where 2.700 americans live here, some with their families, was used in the 1990s as a dumping ground for land mines and discarded military equipment. Between 1994 and 1996, 50.000 cuban and haitian refugees held there. The united states captured guantanamo bay in 1898 during the spanish-american war. After spain’s defeat, cuba handed control of the base to the united states. Since 1903 guantanamo has been leased by the cuban government. Originally it was the vacation paradise of the media tycoon william randolph hearst (1863-1951), until it was taken into military service. According to american interpretation, the lease can only be dissolved if both parties agree to it. This unilateral interpretation of the contract, probably unique in all legal systems of the world, is surpassed only by the rent. Upp 4.085 dollars the americans pay for one year of sunny island paradise.

Fidel castro has long resented the audacity of his unwanted subtenants. Since the communist takeover in 1959, cuba has repeatedly but unsuccessfully resisted u.S. Prasence. At present, however, castro no longer objects to the bush administration’s bizarre jail tarps. Rather el maximo lider even declared its willingness to cooperate with the united states in the fight against terrorism. Good behavior should also be better for the dictator of the misgoverned country, because otherwise the old arch-enemy of the u.S. Will eventually have to reckon with being haunted as a terrorist friend himself.

Guantanamo bay is considered particularly well-suited for securely holding detainees because of its geographic isolation, especially since lush thickets and swamps were allowed to largely thwart any escape opportunities. The new residents could be somewhat more restless than the former escapees. They are considered a high security risk by the americans and therefore massive fortifications are currently being built to make any escape impossible. The hitherto dubiously unexplained prisoner revolt at mazar-i-sharif, in which insurgent detainees were bombed, is reportedly still deep in the bones of the u.S. Forces.

Cuba transfer

The new prison design alone will cost $30 million to $40 million. The transfer of the prisoners around the globe is also an enormous effort, which the americans are making at great cost to themselves. Those responsible for transport security view the mission with mixed feelings, because such shipments are without historical precedent. The security arrangements now included sedating some of the first twenty prisoners during the twenty-hour(!) to deprive airplanes or. To sedate. The in-flight menu consisted of sandwiches with peanut butter. According to u.S. News magazines, the seat-bound passengers had not been allowed to use toilets, but had been relegated to portable urinals. Forced beard shaving and face hoods complete the picture of this prisoner transport.

Amnesty international has protested this type of treatment because it is not in accordance with the fifth principle of the "un principles of medical ethics" which considers the use of drugs to be permissible only for medical indications. The anti-torture convention could also be relevant here. In any case, this special treatment of prisoners could hardly be justified by reference to necessary security measures. It seems rather as if one wants to take late revenge on the airplane bombers now and terrorists and/or. To show those who are being held how the civilized west deals appropriately with high-security risks.

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