Stavanger, 23. July 2015 – the vw california, a minimal camper with a haul on the basis of the new transporter t6 is fully in the trend of the fascination of the mobile vacation. We wanted to know if you have to spare your entire savings in the high-quality equipment variants coast and ocean, or if you can spend with the easier mobled entry-level beach beautiful holiday season.

For the normal european stows, the two liters of rough engine is completely sufficient. The 250 nm strong aggregate brings its strength via a pleasantly switchable, manual funggash gear to the front roller. That it "only" funf gange offers, while a rather wide spread barely offers, because the engine fails overhead speed elastic. The larger speed lounge between the gangen stews thereby.

Travel instead of lawn

Only steep climbs can be found that empty weight is already at 2250 kilograms. As a rule, you spend your camping holiday then to several and never without luggage – there is something together. The sprint time of 17.9 seconds is therefore almost so secure as the specified consumption of 6.3 liters perhaps 100 kilometers and nowhere, maybe in germany, one came to the question of whether a highest speed of 157 kilometers per hour is sufficient. But with a california, it is always more about the travel as a race experience. The twisted diesel with 102 hp in which 43 thus.542 euros expensive equipment beach is enough for every normal user. If you want more, you can have: the only all-wheeller on offer with 204 diesel ps smooth the double performance. That even with the good driving services offered there is a sure driving vessel, we can confirm. The brakes are soothing steadfast, chassis and steering almost knife sharp – for a bus.

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