Hands-on: sony sal-500f40g

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Simple chick. Auben can be the inner values of sonys 13.000 euro expensive sal-500f40g only guess.

Unpacked. The sony sal-500f40g comes in a solid aluminum case. The scope of supply is a sun visor (alc-sh118), which recalls the actual optics again by 16 centimeters on a total of impressive 51 centimeters. Almost every visitor of our buros frozen before this sight. Also to impress the weight of the woman: at the latest, if you try to keep the approximately four and a half kilos at the attached camera, while focusing on hand. Even in the autofocus operation, the optics are just a short period of time. Therefore, a stable tripod with an equally robust ball head is obligatory.

Sony sal-500f40g

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Spitzmouth rhino

sony dslr-a900 with sal-500f40g, 500 mm, f / 4.0, 1/200 s, iso 400, tripod. Since the rhino moved in his enclosure only in a narrow terrain, it was difficult to split it in front of a homogeneous background.

Furnishing. Before the first use in the wild, you should definitely be familiar with the operation. If you only get used to standard lenses on its slr camera, just knows the switch for the autofocus. At the sal-500f40g there are funf slide switches, a sliding button as well as fuf single button. Four of them are – always easily accessible – at the front tube. They cause a car focus lock. It blocks the autofocus even with half-printed exclusively.

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

For a lens, there are amazingly many controls on the sony sal-500f40g.

A switch activates the autofocus, another determines the mode for manual sharpen axle (direct manuel focus). In the default setting, the sharp ones can be readjusted by hand, even if the autofocus has already recorded the object. Only when the camera is in the harfaccess mode (af-c) mode, the manual focus is locked. In position f time, the manual sharpening operation is also available in af-c operation.

Another slide switch defines the focus area – so whether the full distance range (full) is carried out or only a sustainable (from infinity to 6.4 m). In the third position of the switch, one can use a self-defined area; by sliding button (far / near), close and remote area of the zone can be set.

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Filters are not screwed to the lens at the sal-500f40g, but are plugged into a drawer.

Finally, the lens still offers a possibility to fix the focus on a fixed distance defined by prefocus button. This point can be called later about the four focus barrier keys.

For lenses with a front lining diameter of 140 millimeters you will find no screw-on filters. Therefore, such edellinsen have one "filter drawer" in the shaft. With our test specimen, there was a standard filter. Alternatively, sony offers a polarization filter, which is then compatible with the little brother, the sal-300f28g.

Shot. We have made our test shots at a dating marzmorgen with rather modest lighting differences in the hanover adventure zoo – that is a situation in which the high beam of the lens is required. In order to capture the animals in their surroundings, normal 100 to 300 millimeters focal length are completely sufficient. In view of the given focal length we opted for animal portraits and detailed shots. In addition to the lens, a sony fully-format dslr a900 paid a solution of 24.6 megapixels as well as a stable tripod manfrotto mt057c3-g with a ball head mh057m0-rc4. The latter kindly asked us the company photo haas in hannover.

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Photosession with the sal-500f40g in the hanover adventure zoo. A sturdy tripod with ball head are a must.

The handling of the lens designed despite its enormous weight and its rough quite unproblematic. However, it could hardly succeed with such a release, not attracting the attention of visitors – even some animals were first skeptical in the rough glamorous front lens. Once you have familiarized yourself with the buttons and buttons, the operation is no longer a problem. The manual focus is astonishingly soft and mobilize and was mostly the first choice given the rather static motives. But the autofocus also worked for our tests prazy and fast. Only very rare the drive had to drive through the entire area to find the focus point – and if, the lounger line goes over the bean. The additional functions for area limiting and the prefocus turned out to be particularly effective.

Given the weak light, we decided between iso 400 and iso 800 for higher iso values and consciously accepted a certain noise. Dafur was pleasingly high the yield of technically successful pictures. Usually sab the sharppoint where he was planned. When the aperture open, soft backgrounds arise. The recordings have an expectant even with open aperture very clear and contrasting, chromatic aberrations or other image errors can hardly be made. The files react very well to post-processing in lightroom: they can be very sharp, the noise is justifiable despite high set iso values.

Despite the tripod deployment falls on that even smallest preres are sufficient, so that the finest details are not more than 100% out. Because of this, our test shots are not suitable for allowing backlus to the maximum achievable quality of the optics. For this purpose, controlled recordings under laboratory conditions with lower iso values and further dazzled panel settings. Rather, the pictures give a first impression again, which results can already be achieved without rare preparations and the last technical finish.

Conclusion. If you have worked with such a lens, you certainly do not like to return: the results are just so impressive that you could hardly want to go with a cheap one on a zoosafari. However, there are only a few photographers who really use such focal length effectively. These were primarily allowed to be sports and nature photographers, which with their pictures the investment costs of around 13.000 euro can also be retracted. For those who do not want to apply such a sum, it may be interesting to borrow such an edellinse for a special project.

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